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  1. I asked my Porsche specialist the same question previously for my CS, the answer is that it is down to individual and what the car is used for i.e. is it tracked at all, mainly road/commute. Steve at Statller in Sheffield said out of the last 5 fitted, 3 brought it back to replace back to OEM as they didn't like it. Hence, I didn't change. Hope this helps
  2. Carlton and not far from where I live. They have been around for years I remember seeing their show cars at Doncaster car show in the 90's, and from what I heard always had a good reputation. I hadn't realised they do parts for Caymans now.
  3. Personally, for a Bose upgrade I would at least call Source Sounds (Sheffield), they have done loads of Porsche upgrades inc Caymans. They are really friendly and knowledgeable, and likely to tell you if it is worth it or not. When I fitted my double din (Non-Bose) I used a Connects2 harness which included steering wheel control, and kept my parking sensors etc. It is worth speaking to the also to see if it is applicable for the Bose version, I added a link below to the manual CTSPO005.2 User Manual Good luck
  4. Many thanks for the response. I haven't used wear sensor since I had the car, but when I will be working away again (eventually) my wife wants them on again.
  5. Hello all, I have some new Brembo discs and pads that I want fitting. It looks like the pads have a space for a pad wear wear sensor, my question is if you can use any pad sensor i.e. OEM or if it needs to specifically a Brembo sensor? Thanks
  6. Hello, I didn't get a short shifter. But I did change the plastic bearings to metal ones, and used an Agency Power shift linkage. Overall, it was one of the best mods I have done to car... it feels so much more positive after.
  7. I was browsing online an came across a project by a company in Bristol converting a 986 Boxter to an EV. After watching the video it doesn't feel like there would be a massive amount of difference between the 986 and 987.1. I have seen previously people have had rebuilds after various engine failures, installing TPC turbo kits or LS engine swaps. Don't get me wrong, I know EV conversions aren't cheap but neither are the others mentioned; and for the performance/torque gain would most people not go electric? Has anybody looked in to do something similar to this?
  8. @Beanoir I think you may be right. Thanks all
  9. Thanks all for the replies. @Tozerman I tried removing the toolkit, no change @Mavrik I did think that also. I tried swinging the door open/closed to try hear the noise and nothing??? I might end up removing the door card and checking anyway... at some point @briggy No juddering from the steering. I would have to try doing a reverse J-Turn at speed to replicate. I haven't touched wheel bolts, as i'm really no mechanic. No scraping or rattling. @Beanoir No clunk, just sounds like metal sliding
  10. Hi all, I have had a really annoying noise for the past couple of weeks in my car when cornering. It seems when driving at low speeds (a couple of mph) an almost 90 degree corner, more noticeable on a left-hand bends I can hear what sounds like a metal sliding to the right-hand side of the vehicle; when sat in the drivers seat I think it comes from further forward. A couple of months before, although may not be related I had a Porsche specialist replace both strut mount tops. Already looked at - Battery is secure Nothing in front trunk Nothing lose in dri
  11. I think it gave a decent sound. That said, it is a small 150w so you need to realistic.
  12. Thanks @Mavrik I have done some research with the OEM part numbers for the alternator, and there is basically a black cover on the back held on by 2 screws. When the screws are removed they also hold the reg and it comes out. That's why I was think if the black cover is accessable without removing a load of stuff.
  13. Hello all, The alternator is putting out 15.6v, I replace the battery about 2 weeks ago and its still doing the same. So I am assuming that I will need to change the voltage regulator inside the alternator? My question is if it is possible to get access to the regulator, without having to remove the alternator itself? Thanks
  14. I had the same with the window regulator. Get OEM replacement, don't bother with cheaper. Bit of a pain in the arse to change over.
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