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  1. I was browsing online an came across a project by a company in Bristol converting a 986 Boxter to an EV. After watching the video it doesn't feel like there would be a massive amount of difference between the 986 and 987.1. I have seen previously people have had rebuilds after various engine failures, installing TPC turbo kits or LS engine swaps. Don't get me wrong, I know EV conversions aren't cheap but neither are the others mentioned; and for the performance/torque gain would most people not go electric? Has anybody looked in to do something similar to this?
  2. @Beanoir I think you may be right. Thanks all
  3. Thanks all for the replies. @Tozerman I tried removing the toolkit, no change @Mavrik I did think that also. I tried swinging the door open/closed to try hear the noise and nothing??? I might end up removing the door card and checking anyway... at some point @briggy No juddering from the steering. I would have to try doing a reverse J-Turn at speed to replicate. I haven't touched wheel bolts, as i'm really no mechanic. No scraping or rattling. @Beanoir No clunk, just sounds like metal sliding
  4. Hi all, I have had a really annoying noise for the past couple of weeks in my car when cornering. It seems when driving at low speeds (a couple of mph) an almost 90 degree corner, more noticeable on a left-hand bends I can hear what sounds like a metal sliding to the right-hand side of the vehicle; when sat in the drivers seat I think it comes from further forward. A couple of months before, although may not be related I had a Porsche specialist replace both strut mount tops. Already looked at - Battery is secure Nothing in front trunk Nothing lose in driver cabin Nothing in door pockets I did take the car to a german car specialist and they couldn't replicate the issue, and couldn't find anything wrong. On thinking about when it happens and the sound, I wounder if it could be something to do with the anti-roll bar? Any thought?
  5. I think it gave a decent sound. That said, it is a small 150w so you need to realistic.
  6. Thanks @Mavrik I have done some research with the OEM part numbers for the alternator, and there is basically a black cover on the back held on by 2 screws. When the screws are removed they also hold the reg and it comes out. That's why I was think if the black cover is accessable without removing a load of stuff.
  7. Hello all, The alternator is putting out 15.6v, I replace the battery about 2 weeks ago and its still doing the same. So I am assuming that I will need to change the voltage regulator inside the alternator? My question is if it is possible to get access to the regulator, without having to remove the alternator itself? Thanks
  8. I had the same with the window regulator. Get OEM replacement, don't bother with cheaper. Bit of a pain in the arse to change over.
  9. @Mavrik it was the KSC-SW11 that I used to have, think we had both mentioned before on other posts. Currently with KAPPA components, but may upgrade. The Audison PRIMA active sub is more expensive, I paid £449 I think plus fitting. Really worth a look, or if you know somebody or a shop with a demo one have a listen.... but you will buy one then!
  10. I removed the under-seat subwoofer, and had Audison 10" active subwoofer fitted in the boot. Wow! want an amazing improvement, and one of my fravourite mods that I have done to the car. That value to me for the cost, is really good. It didn't take up as much space in the boot as I thought it would. However, it does take approx <50% of the boot; but with quick-disconnect space can be made if needed. If anybody is thinking about one of these, my advise would 100% do it!
  11. Returned and got a full refund, thanks all
  12. Many thanks guys, I have tried to contact the company and will followup tomorrow to make sure it gets sorted. Cheers
  13. So, I placed my order from Design911 and its come through. However, they are all the black version, how much difference in stiffness is there?just thinking if its worth sending back, or work with what they sent. I don't think I did anything wrong, or ordered the wrong part numbers but I was expecting "ROAD USE" and not "TRACK USE" PFF57-501-23.5 STABILIZER BUSH BOXSTER FRONT 23.5 MM *PAIR PFF57-502 LOWER ARM CENTRE BUSH 986/996 Powerflex PFF57-503 LOWER ARM REAR BUSH 986/996 (set of 2 for 2 arms) Powerflex PFR57-507 CONTROL ARM BUSH 996/997 REAR (set of 2 for 2 arms) Powerflex PFF57-801 LOWER ARM FRONT CENTRE BUSH 987/997 (set of 2 for 2 arms) "Caster angle to be adjusted" Powerflex PFF57-802 LOWER ARM FRONT INNER BUSH 987/997 (set of 2 for 2 arms) "Caster angle to be adjusted" Powerflex
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