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  1. Hi Stu, Good to hear :-). As for the drop links : You can always disconnect the lower side from the L & R drop link and tie them so they can't touch anything. Then drive slowly to see if the noise is gone.
  2. Have you checked the front drop links ?
  3. When you swap the cables it is always best to use one of these shifter lock tools. This little bracket holds the shift lever in the neutral position. This part is supplied when you buy a short shifter so it can't be hard to find someone that can spare it for a day.
  4. Correct, they look the same but are different in several ways. More info on this subject : https://www.renntech.org/forums/topic/47683-987-2-exhaust-system-explained/
  5. Yesterday it was the first time that I had to install an exhaust on a 981 with more than 100.000km = 62.5K mls. It was a 2013 2.7 PDK from Belgium. Some observations : When I “switched on” the handbrake, only one side engaged, the other side engaged 1 minute later when the car was already up in the air. This was new to me. I have seen plenty of 981's of which one side of the handbrake didn't grab. At this mileage, the 2x 2 nuts of the exhausts are so corroded that the exhaust is about to detach from the manifolds. None of the bolts and nuts from the exhaust can be undone. What doesn't snap off, needs to be cut and replaced. Over the past 4 years, the time to swap a 981 exhaust went from 25 min till 65 min. It is now even easier/faster to change the exhaust of a 987 ! The foam part on the top of the rear springs starts to fall apart. When this part is gone, this will make the car to drop 10 to 12mm on that corner, causing an imbalance and wrong alignment . And that is just by looking at the rear wheel wells on a 981 with 100.000 km Will the car fall apart after 100.000 miles ?
  6. The part nr changed, but also the shape and color of the crest has changed. That is not good when you need an older version Old : New :
  7. Rusty bolts or not, I swap an exhaust in less than 1 hr . We charge 25 euro extra for the hardware kit : Stainless steel bolts, nuts, washers and 2 original Porsche seals
  8. as pdf : http://www114.zippyshare.com/v/PvqVsGaM/file.html
  9. These Pierburg electro/vacuum valves fail from time to time.
  10. A Belgian newspaper (Nieuwsblad, fwiw) did the test : They needed to buy 4.355 stickers to complete their album.
  11. I don't know if anyone is waiting for a V8 sound ....
  12. I wonder what it will take to get a decent sound out of that
  13. Having installed quite of few of these exhausts, the best way to remove the studs is to use an pneumatic chisel. You do need to support the flange though.
  14. I have found out that my battery lasted longer when it is not always attached to the battery maintainer. For this reason, my garage queen is hooked to the maintainer for 3-4 weeks, then 3 weeks off.

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