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  1. Perhaps the tone of my post was that of just a grumpy old man, (my excuse is that I am 77). I acknowledged that the 981 had some excellent features. As to the tyres, when I bought the car from a Porsche dealer, all the part worn Pirelli N0 tyres had inter-tread cracking. I insisted on a new set. Somewhat reluctantly, they agreed and fitted a new set of Pirelli N1s. Perfectly adequate on the road, but I felt limited by the small choice, knowing that trading in to a Porsche dealer with non 'n' tyres would be seen to be a disadvantage. In the event, I did a swap with Sytner in Tamworth, the blue auto 240i having done about 100 miles. A reduced period warranty (9 months of the 3 years effectively lost since it was registered) seemed more than offset by the £14k discount off the list price. (I will pay for that in the rapid depreciation compared withe the 981). Thank you for the good wishes with the new car. Interesting that whereas the 981 felt underpowered for its abilities, the 240i feels relatively overpowered, (no LSD, needs more front negative camber). But as you said, an M2 better on track than public roads. Better resist modifications, (warranty), so maybe only the occasional track day.
  2. Changing affiliation - with some regrets? I have recently straight swapped my 2014 2.7 981 for a pre-reg 240i. Maybe I should explain the change. It may be that few will agree. Just the thoughts of an old man. Snags (I found) with the 981, (non S): Engine relatively flat at low revs. Inadequate torque, although on track, where revs rarely below 5000rpm, engine was and sounded terrific. But high revving engine little use on normal roads at legal speeds. Car too noisy on road. Just as well the sound system was poor - no need to spend on decent sound. Rubbish headlights. I know Porsche sell some decent, expensive lights, but they should be ashamed of sending any car out with the hopeless standard kit. Car too low. Again excellent on track, with rear end almost impossible to break loose. But try to drive at on coming traffic with modern headlights where the cut-off of their dipped lights still catches you if low to the ground. Too many tailgaters. Every White Van man likes to drive about 2m behind if just bumbling along. Tyres. Porsche's insistence on 'n' tyres leaves so many cars on poor Pirelli tyres it under Porsche warranty, when superior Michelins would be far better. We found the Pirellis turned to jelly after 3 laps at Anglesey. They are also susceptible to cracking between the treads. Tricky for a tall driver, especially like me who likes to lean back. 987 was even worse. My son complained that the pedals were offset to the left too much, (can't say it bothered me). My wife hated the electric parking brake. Of course, there were plus points: Flat, superb cornering, hardly ever needing to brake on normal roads. Lovely sound of engine at high revs. Excellent brakes. The only car i have run that did not require a brake upgrade for hard track use. Will hold its value much better than the BMW over the years. Good gearshift - not as wonderful as is often said, however. Maybe because of inevitably long linkage. John
  3. Maybe I recall that there are 35 section PS4S 19 inch N tyres, but not 40 section?
  4. Brian. Very interesting. Not surprised by your assessment of the PS4S wet performance; that ties in with a number of reviews. But your experience of track use in the dry suggests they may be little or no better than other 'N' rated tyres. The Michelin claim of 80% road, 20% track seems somewhat optimistic. I would rather rely on your view, based upon actual use of a Cayman, that 95% road 5% track is nearer the mark. Still no 'N' PS4S 19s, however. A bit odd as many 718s have 19inch wheels. I am sure you are also right about Cup 2s being the best for dry tracks. Not sure I could justify another complete set of wheels and tyres. It is a bit wet around here to consider using Cup 2s for all uses, all year around.
  5. I don't know what the official line is on this, but I would think that use of a ceramic grease when assembling the pads would not go amiss. Front pads of the 981 are chamfered, but I am not sure if they are unidirectional, (a larger chamfer to face the direction of rotation would show if they are).
  6. The only option I had to have was brighter headlights. So I replaced the halogens with leds. I like the options I have - sport design steering wheel, heated seats, full leather. No need for more. LSD? I have not been able to get the rear to slide - the car understeers on track. Sat Nav? never needed it. Cruise control, upgraded sound system? They are fitted, but cruise control is of little use and the car is too noisy to bother about a fancy sound system.
  7. Presumably this car has the residue of the Porsche 3 year warranty, (Porsche dealers offer 2 years on used Porsches). You say it has full Porsche service history. But at 9,000 miles, what does that amount to? As banjo says, it should have an intermediate maintenance service carried out after 2 years, (or 20,000miles). That only amounts to little more than a general inspection with changed engine oil and filter, particle filter and air intake pre-filter. As was said, look at the tyres. Pirelli N0 tyres are susceptible to cracking, particularly between the treads. If that is so, I would insist on a full new set, preferably not Pirellis, unless maybe their N1 version.
  8. Porsche/Michelin have not yet managed to produce a 265 40 PS4S N rated tyre for 19" wheels, (for 981s - am I right to assume 987s use a 35 section for 19" wheels?). Also, would I guess right that the ridiculously priced Oponeo 265 35 19 PS4S is not N rated? There is a 265 40 19 PS4S in production, but that is for a front fitting on a Mercedes, (M0 rated), and Michelin say you should not fit it on the rear - of any car, presumably. Meanwhile, maybe I should fit cheapo Goodyears when the hopeless, (for track use), P Zero N1s wear out.
  9. Private cars should not have dealer prices - unless they offer a similar Porsche warranty. If you buy from a Porsche dealer, the car will have a 2 year warranty - which the buyer pays for. Not sure how a private seller can offer similar.
  10. No "N" PS4S for 19" wheels yet. Michelin blame Porsche.
  11. Seems to be at the lower end of prices asked by dealers. Isn't Stratstone a Porsche Centre? Odd that the web page shows so little information. A good price if it includes the normal 2 year warranty. Most seem to be asking around £35k for such a car.
  12. Latest comment from Michelin - "MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S has not been Porsche homologated in 19" yet. We have a number of N-marked MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S tyres available in 20". Why N-marked tyres are not available in 19" is a question you should ask directly to Porsche as they decide on when a homologation should be made. In case of difficulty, where specifically N marked tyres are not available, you can fit non marked tyres to Porsche 911(991) and Boxster/Cayman (981). Unfortunately, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 4 S is not available as standard edition in both 235/40 -19 and 265/40 -19. We have the following 4 S combination available: MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 S EXTRA LOAD 235/40 ZR19 96(Y) CAI 368279 MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4 S MO1 EXTRA LOAD 265/40 ZR19 102(Y) CAI 128677 We do not recommend this combination for two reasons. 1. It's mixing marked and non marked tyres, which in general is not a good idea. 2. The 265/40 -19 MO marked tyre is a tuned front tyre for Mercedes, which you want to fit to your rear axle. This is not a good idea either. Therefore, I can only recommend the following Michelin solution for your Porsche Cayman type 981 2.7 L 275 (2013-) Original fitment; Front: 235/40 ZR19 92(Y) and Rear: 265/40 ZR19 98(Y): MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP 2 EXTRA LOAD 235/40 ZR19 96(Y) Product Code: 372115; Wet Grip: C; Fuel Consumption: E; Noise emission: 070 dB MICHELIN PILOT SPORT CUP 2 EXTRA LOAD 265/40 ZR19 102(Y) Product Code: 888525; Wet Grip: C; Fuel Consumption: E; Noise emission: 071 dB MICHELIN Pilot Sport Cup 2 is a semi-slick tyre and is considered a 90% track and 10% road tyre. It provides you with 50% more laps and improved wet grip to reduce aquaplaning. It is the only track tyre that can be used also on public roads. The technologies behind it like Track longevity 2.0 and Bi-Compound and also the 20% deeper tread optimize its characteristics to give you the best performance."
  13. As I understand it, the only "N" rated Michelin summer tyre is the somewhat outdated PS2. Porsche do seem slow to keep up, with the highly regarded and evidently superior Michelin PS4S being not yet N rated. If your tyres are replaced at a Porsche dealer, they will, obviously, only fit N tyres, maybe even the somewhat suspect Pirelli P Zero N0.
  14. Tricky - servicing costs at Porsche dealers are costly. How you do it could depend on retaining a warranty, how long you may keep the car, how much you can, (or want to), do some work yourself. None of my previous 3 cars, a DB201, BMW E82 and a 924, were ever serviced at a dealer. But all were kept for a long time, (DB201 334k miles; E82 108k and 924 288k), and I serviced them myself with the rare occasional help of a trusted one man local mechanic. My aversion to dealers is not just cost, but dubious quality. For example, my current 981 supplied by a main dealer came with 3 serious faults and 3 errors on the paperwork. As Malcolm E Cay said, the Minor Service is to be at 20k or 2 years. The supplying dealer carried out this service on my car immediately before delivery. It would have cost £220 plus £199 for parts + VAT - total £580 - (that also included a 4 year brake fluid change listed at £79 + VAT). Thankfully, if using main dealers, service intervals are lengthy, although I change the engine oil more frequently than 20k miles.
  15. I thought American autocross was equivalent to a UK sprint. That is, on a paved surface, typically part of a motor racing circuit, one car at a time, against the clock. A UK autocross is usually run on an unsurfaced course, maybe a marked out track on a pasture field.
  16. My 981 Driver's Manual says that "Tyre repairs are not permissible under any circumstances". I am not sure that is also to apply to small punctures in the central 3/4s of the tread. That may be taking an undue cautionary approach. As said above, find an expert to check. If not repairing, but fitting a new tyre, you may fall foul of further Porsche advice that there should not be a greater than 30% difference in tread depth on the same axle. Again, I wonder if this advice is always followed?
  17. That couldn't be the passenger's seat belt latch, could it? When on my own in the 981, after my wife has used the passenger belt, I always tighten the passenger belt latch up against the panel with the plastic clip; otherwise it rattles continuously. Brian - I do sometimes use the start/stop cancel button rather than the Sport mode; sometimes simply forget. Probably a paranoia that the starter will fail earlier if I allow the stop/start. See you on the 19th? (Anglesey).
  18. Ferodo DS2500 are all right. But wear quickly under hard braking. Modulation, feel and wear nowhere near as good as Carbotech. (I am not a salesman for Carbotech, simply found them to be unsurpassed for track and road use). If car is not used on track, just stick to standard pads - or equivalent.
  19. Slightly biased view having happily gone from a black 3.4Gen 2 987PDK to a white 2.7 2014 981 manual. I find the 981 much prettier, more assured in the wet, sits better; has slower acceleration, but corners faster despite less steering feel. 981 is far more economical, (always 40mpg + with my wife), but not a consideration for those looking at a GTS or 981S. An important point, (for me), is the extra room for my odd lean back driving style - the 987 was too cramped. I find the 2.7 981 quite fast enough for road legal use. I would like another 100bhp for track use, but unless a car has at least 300hp/ton it will struggle against a lighter weight well driven car, (and dubious use of rumble strips).
  20. The standard brakes on my 981 have proved to be perfectly adequate for track use at Anglesey - the first car of an MX5, BMW E82 and Westfield that has not required modified braking. If, having tried out the standard set-up, you find it inadequate, firstly I would be surprised, but if so, Carbotech pads. The most obvious shortcoming on my 981 for track days is the n1 PZeros. More than 4 laps at a time they turn to jelly.
  21. Welcome. Good choice - base 981 is all you really need. Looks, handling, brakes, economy - what more do you need for normal road use? Basis sound system is just that, 3 factory upgrades offered. Typical of Porsche to encourage buying expensive extras. I have found my 981 to be such a noisy car, (tyres, gears), to not even consider an upgrade of its ASK system, (the first upgrade?). Personal choce though. There hopefully will be others on this Forum who have added improvements and may be able to help.
  22. It is a bit weird to not have seen the engine. But I think I will keep it that way.
  23. I have found original pads on my 981 to be perfectly adequate for road and track use - the first car I have driven on track that does not need modified brakes/pads. Standard pads on my E82 BMW were not fit for track use. Having tried out several alternatives, the best by far were Carbotech pads. The worked perfectly, no fade, no modulation reduction or variation and were durable. What shortcomings are others finding with original Porsche brakes? Cheaper alternatives to those fitted at Porsche Centres should be fine - if the pads are at least to the same specification. Why would anyone bother with the crazy cost of ceramic brake discs? Less unsprung weight, but easily damaged by careless wheel fitting and worn too quickly on tracks.
  24. Many Members on this and other Forums are more aware of deficiencies in Pirelli PZero N0 tyres than are Porsche Centres. It demonstrates one of the shortcomings in the "N" rating system. The general consensus is that Michelin PS4 and PS4S tyres are ahead of the competition but, as yet, not all sizes are either available or "N" rated. For the time being, it is likely that officially, Porsche continue to approve and fit the N0 PZero but not a non "N" rated PS4 tyre.
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