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  1. Any suggestions for venues guys? I was thinking either a Sunday morning coffee or evening maybe what do you think? Be good to get a decent group together 😎
  2. Just trying to put the feelers out for any Cayman owners in NSW, RVA, Sydney etc. Be good to hook up, not many of us Cayman owners in the country so don't often see others.
  3. It’s a really common issue on the cars, stones get caught between the metal brake shroud at the back. It will eventually work loose or you can sometimes fish them out by pushing the brake shroud back and the stone will drop out. Noise is is awful though, sounds much worse than you’d think
  4. Subscribed for Ad-free!
  5. It’s well worth doing if it does come to it. Only real consideration is remembering that you don’t need to put your foot on the clutch to start the car, so if you have a habit of leaving your car in gear when you park just remember.
  6. I had them on the CS to replace the MPS2 that it came with, after a year of use and realising they were just not as communicative and always felt ‘hard’. They are supposed to be good in the wet, but I had a dreadful aquaplane experience with those tyres. I’m now on MPS4S and the difference in feel, communication and control is not small - it’s vast. I genuinely cannot see a reason why anybody once testing the 2 tyres back to back would choose the Pirelli over the Michelin.
  7. I'm not sure the amount of miles I get form a tyre on a performance car is really of concern to me to be quite honest - probably why I wouldn't touch a Pirelli P-Zero though
  8. Looking forward to this, I have been thinking of swapping mine out for a while...but I got scared
  9. Those switches (No.2 style!) don't last long either, I went through 2 on the last car. I ended up doing the switch bypass method and eliminating the problem forever!
  10. My kit is quite minimal, not that I complain....
  11. When I removed one I found a good polish of the area too after and before fixing new badge on to remove the outline of grime left behind.
  12. Have the prices of Gen1 gone up?? Thats a bonkers price whatever the answer though. I didn't pay anywhere near that for mine. There's generally a big gap in the prices driven by a number of factors including the Gen2 having a) DFI engine with no major issues b) No IMS bearing to worry about c) Nicer and more modern black interior, and d) much rarer. I'd pay 17k for that silver one, no more than that, then stick the rest in the bank as insurance (which is what I have done). A swanky leather dash and satnav won't stop you crying when you discover scored bores and need to fork out £10k for a new engine - and the ONLY warranty that will cover you is a Porsche warranty in that instance BTW, don't take BS from a dealer who reckons the warranty they sell will cover it because it most likely won't. I'd never say don't bother with a Gen1, but if you have the budget for a Gen2 (I unfortunately didn't) then like people say above, it's a no-brainer. Go into it with your eyes wide open though if you do decide on a Gen1 is all I would say, make sure you pay the right price and have some money in reserve or insist on getting a Porsche warranty as part of the price you pay.
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