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  1. My centre console and cup holder strip is colour coded to match my Guards red Gen 2 , and I personally think it brightens up the dark interior. but hey it’s your choice,Piano Gloss black would be a finger print nightmare, maybe satin or carbon fibre would look good
  2. Car parts4less have the Sachs clutch kit for £223 for a Gen 2 hope this helps as I think mine might need doing soon, cheers Paul
  3. Hi Ray, good to see another Cayman in Gloucestershire, I live in the Forest of Dean, and like Rich said would be ideal to meet up like minded owners , again another gen2 2.9 owner , enjoy your new motor Regards Paul
  4. Hi, just wondered if anyone’s going to Goodwood tomorrow Friday that might have one of Gerts exhausts on a 987 I might be able to hear, hopefully see you there cheers Paul
  5. Blimey Rich, how much are you packing lol it’s only down the road if you don't go have a great holiday
  6. Just wondered if any members are going to the Porsche day at Prescott tomorrow, sunshine forecast and Porsche’s racing can it get any better. Hopefully see you there, if any one has a carnewal exhaust and is attending the event I would love to hear one in the fllesh
  7. I’ve also a new Cayman owner , and also looked at the Abarth 124 spider, much nicer and standout than the Fiat badged one, which has now been withdrawn from their new cars list. the Abarth engine sounded great, but as I’ve always wanted a Porsche and the spider didn’t quite scratch the itch that would have still been there had I bought the Abarth, and same as Rich mentioned you have to balance out having an older Porsche or a new car , which isn’t a Porsche depending on your budget restrictions . I have to say I still love looking at my car on the drive or in reflections as I drive by, something I don’t think I would have got from buying something else. Plus also the Cayman group seem to be a great bunch for advice and help should you need it. Cheers Paul
  8. Porsche at Prescott is on the 22nd June , that’s not far from Swindon, it’s just outside Cheltenham , would be an easy trip in your Cayman , with plenty of Porsche’s on site aswelll
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