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  1. Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 it's a pretty awful car but super cheap to run and does what I need it to. Dont have to worry about leaving it at the train station or parked outside. Gives me more to spend on the Cayman and makes me really enjoy it at weekends.
  2. Nice one I will have to give these ago. Hopefully they will work for me as well.
  3. Its great when you find a good dealer. i purchased my Cayman from Cavendish Porsche in November 2017 and found the entire experience very pleasant and easy I could not fault them. It gives you a much better level of confidence in the car even if there are a few niggles. Great looking cayman as well.
  4. Not one for me. The orange just doesn't look good in my opinion.
  5. Now tried both types of resistors neither worked for me. Going to look into alternative bulbs. Had to go back to standard for the high beams for now the error was annoying me to much. Shame as everything was matching nicely. Still happy with the ones that are working though 🙂
  6. That’s a hefty bill hopefully it’s maintenance free for a while now. Is replacing the coolant hose a tough job?
  7. Check the air conditioning is nice and cold. Not uncommon for the condensers at the front to get damaged by stones and leak. It's a pretty easy DIY job though to replace them. Window regulators can fail so check both windows are nice and smooth when going up and down. Nothing else I can add really. As others have said they are fantastic cars and if looked after should be pretty reliable. Had mine for 18 months now and it's cost considerably less to maintain than my old e89 Z4 did. Enjoy your new car!!
  8. Good result glad it got sorted quickly.
  9. I'm not thinking those resistors are the best option given the heat and amount of plastic. Think I will look for other bulbs. Have you left the bulbs in with the error displaying?
  10. Which resistors did you go for Scott? Proof will obviously be at night but they do look a lot better. Plus everything is easy enough to fit.
  11. Looking at the item description on Ebay it does say not to use those ones as dipped or headlights just fog and daytime running lights. I think that could be the issue.
  12. Fitted all mine today everything works but I get an error saying check left and right high beams.
  13. They look good I made some for mine last summer. Glad I did as i always felt the Zunsport ones didn't look quite correct. Plus I got some extra petrol with the money I saved 🙂 Think I prefer the mesh you have used on yours though. The one I used had larger gaps.
  14. Look like nice cars but overpriced in my view. Still good luck to them if someone is willing to pay the asking price. Do Atlas Grey cars command such a premium 🤔?? I'm pretty happy with how values are holding up on the Cayman in general. I don't feel like mine is losing money at an alarming rate like I did with my e89 Z4 that was some worrying depreciation on that car.
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