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  1. Just ordered a full set for my car looking forward to getting rid of the candles!! They will also complete my front end refresh as well after my front end respray😁
  2. I would try and drive another for comparison. Plenty of others out there so if you are not convinced I would walk away.
  3. The passenger side headlight on my Cayman has some minor discoloration on the inside so I am wanting to get a replacement. The car has standard Halogen headlights are they all the same on all 987 gen 1 cars i.e same colour inserts? I have set a few searches up to try and find a new unit for a reasonable price.
  4. Very nice Caymans do look great in Guards Red. That is a very nice car.
  5. Some nice looking Caymans! here is mine had it just over 12 months now and still love it they are great cars.
  6. Interesting reading what tyres others are using. I think I will need a new set next year at somepoint. Just had N Rated Bridgestones on mine since I got my car and they have seemed ok so far to me but I don't do track days in my car. Not sure what I'd end up going for when the time comes.
  7. I have my Cayman and daily driver insured via admiral. Added my home insurance as well so it's all under one policy and I got a good deal paying just under £470 for the lot. They were significantly cheaper than anyone else. Hopefully they are competitive come renewal time.
  8. Sounds normal I get a bit of white smoke on start up at this time of year or if the car has not been driven for awhile. It is condensation though as others have said. Having owned a car that burnt oil on startup you would soon know by the smell and thick black build up on the tail pipes if it was something else.
  9. I’m with Admiral as well no complaints so far but have not had to make a claim. The multi car policy they offer always seems to work out best value for me to insure both my cars.
  10. I took a punt on one these a couple of years ago. It did an ok job for a first DA biggest complaint is the short cable it made it difficult to use at times. I also found it a bit awkward to hold at times well as the hand grip is fixed and can’t be moved. I would pay a bit more to be honest a better DA is now on my shopping list. I’d imagine you would soon want to upgrade if you are anything like me.
  11. Sounds like a good trip I need to take my Cayman for a Wales trip sometime.
  12. Just to update this turns out the problem was with steering wheel cassette having a fault. Just over £200 for diagnostics replacement part and fitting. Started fearing it could be a lot more costly if it had been a control unit.
  13. Hi Gary no need to take the headlights off the car. Be easier if you had the car on a ramp or jacked up and the wheels off when removing the wheel arch liner but it is possible to do it without.
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