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  1. It sounds like its a level above my DIY skills, and I probably don't have the necessary garage kit, but if you can send me your write-up, I'll see if I fancy tackling it. Cheers.
  2. Thanks - the problem is finding a good indie Porsche specialist in NE Scotland.
  3. Thanks for that - sounds like its not a DIY job then. The quote was from Porsche Aberdeen.
  4. My local Porsche dealer identified a slight weep at the ns front crossover hose under the wheel arch on my 2010 987. They have quoted almost £850 to replace it. Does anybody know why this is so expensive? Is there something special needs to be done which bumps up the price? I can get the hose for around 30 quid online but maybe its not as simple a DIY job as it looks? Any advice would be welcome.
  5. I have been told by my local Porsche dealer that the four short metal brake pipes which connect to the brake calipers are corroded and need replaced. They have quoted a price of over £400 for the work. I can do this myself for a fraction of the cost, but am unsure of the type of pipe I can use - copper / cupro-nickel / stainless steel. Can anybody help with comprehensive data on what I need, including pipe size and fitting thread size, and if there are any hidden pitfalls in doing the job? Also, any recommended supplier or will anybody on Amazon or ebay suffice? Thanks for any help provid
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