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  1. Thanks all - some very useful advise. I'm not sure I fancy potentially battling with seized bolts or painful joints on the driveway, so may be one for my indy to sort. The car is an 07 but only 75k ish miles, but would have to check back through the history to remind myself what's been changed in the past.
  2. Hi all - just put my 987 Cayman through its MOT, and while I was partly expecting a fail I was expecting brake pads rather than suspension! It failed on the following: Repair immediately (major defects): Nearside Rear Lower Suspension arm ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii)) Offside Rear Lower Suspension arm ball joint dust cover no longer prevents the ingress of dirt (5.3.4 (b) (ii)) The brakes I was planning to do myself, but how much of a job is the above likely to be? Presumably I'll need to swap the wh
  3. I was hoping it might be an easy fix, but having spent a bit of time digging around behind the pollen filter, and from underneath the glovebox it doesn't look as if anything is catching or stuck. I've also tried to oil the motor itself, but doesn't seem to have made much of a difference. Looks like a new motor is probably the next step!
  4. Yep you're probably right. Is that through/under the dash, or can it be addressed behind the pollen filter in the front?
  5. Hi all My heater fan has recently started making a strange noise from behind the passenger side dash. I'm not sure how to describe it, but it's a mixture of a rattle and a squeak. The noise is there whether the AC is on or off, and gets louder the higher the setting. I've tried doing some research, but haven't been able to find a similar example (most tend to be only on AC). Has anyone come across aything similar, or have some suggested fixes? Cheers
  6. True, I might have misheard him. When we looked at the readings yesterday it was the right hand one that had the lowest readings, and the other side was just about ok I think.
  7. Hi all I've had an intermittent CEL which has been diagnosed by my local Indy as as both rear o2 sensors. He suggested genuine senors are about 150-160/each, so potentially a fairly expensive job for something that should be straightforward. I was considering getting a Carnewal exhaust (although not until the Summer), but now I'm wondering whether it's worth doing this at the same time/instead.Might be a silly question, but does the Carnewal exhaust still need/use the post-cat sensors? Assuming I still need the sensors, I've seen Bosch ones for about £60. I'
  8. I've fitted the same to mine, and although they look great colour wise, I don't find the brightness very good. Admittedly I didn't drive the car for very long with the standard halogens, but it's making me want to experiment with brighter halogen bulbs. Maybe the original lights were worse than I'd realised!
  9. They look great. What model are these, and where can they be bought new? (I'm hoping to find a second hand pair eventually!)
  10. I've found a few old threads, and from what I can see this was the suggested options for a Thule roof rack: 2 x Footpack 753 (for the front) and 2 x Footpack 751 (for the rear), fitting kit 3100 and roof bars Is this still the best route to go down? (I'm assuming Porsche bars are still expensive). I'm going to need to be able to carry my road bike occasionally, so I'm trying to source the bits. If anyone has any roof bars/fittings lying around that might also be useful!
  11. Well, waterpump it was. I decided to drive it across to my local indy this morning, and as I was around the corner the noise stopped. I think that was the pump giving up, so by the time I pulled in to the garage it was dripping coolant! At least it wasn't an engine noise which was my first fear, but still a nice £500 bill and I've only had the car 6 days. (Still happy with it though!).
  12. Thanks. That link is useful (Revolution and others seem to have something similar too which is helpful). I'm about 1.5 miles away from my local Porsche indy, which is frustratingly close, but I'll speak to him in the morning to see what he thinks. And yep, private sale unfortunately!
  13. So six days into Porsche ownership, I've run into my first potential issue. I'd noticed an occasional minor squeak at idle, which I'd assumed was one of the belts, but having done an hour or so of motorway driving earlier today a much more worrying noise emerged as I was close to home. It was a knocking/mechanical type of noise which I noticed at idle/low speed, which as you an imagine wasn't a very welcome sound . I've got a Porsche specialist a couple of miles away, so I'm going to try and make arrangements to get the car there tomorrow (originally I didn't want to
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