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  1. Rich stop tempting me to look at the 718 😉. Just noticed they've dropped the price again, do you think their monitoring our thread😄 I think you're right the mileage is the killer given my intended use, but,.....
  2. Yes Rich it’s the Imola one. It was £2k more last month or so but like you even with the price drop that feels like OPC pricing without the benefits. They’ve had it since January but I suspect yellow is a marmite colour for many. We’re in the same place on the discs / paint work, even with light use I’d suspect discs are near end of life unless they’ve already been changed. I reckon if it was priced around (below) £30k it would be worth a punt. The other thing I’m considering is that I’m a 10k miles a year user and as I’d likely run this for 3 to 4 years that’ll take it up to 70k to 80k miles! Not many Caymans with that mileage advertised! Cheers for replying. Kevin.
  3. Hi Rich, its done 41k on a 65 plate (2016) and I believe has only had one owner so I'm guessing a motorway car. It does mean the major service will be due next year so I need to factor that into the £34k asking price. Non-OPC warranty so need to check the details, just unusual (or maybe not) to see one having covered those miles?
  4. Forum members, I’m looking at a car from a car dealer who sells a wide range of higher end cars (Aston, Range Rover etc). It’s one of those ‘large country house’ with extensive garage facilities! As they are not a Porsche specialist I suspect any queries about over-rev checks will be met with blank faces. Can anyone recommend where this check can be done & the likely cost? I’m on the outskirts of Bristol. Car is a 2,7 manual. Thx in anticipation, Kevin.
  5. Hi Rich, I was invited to a Porsche Bristol event last year and drove a new Cayman S with sports exhaust. Lovely car but without wishing to repeat the obvious the noise didn’t work for me. It’s not a bad noise I’m just after that flat 6 sound. When I bought the little M135i four years ago I’d tested a whole manner of cars including an S3, Golf R etc but it was the straight six of the BM that drove the purchase (over and above the other compromises). Anyway I’ll keep looking. Cheers, Kevin. PS if I end up buying a 718 don’t hold this thread against me😂
  6. Hi Rich and thanks for the welcome. I've been scanning the classifieds on the Porsche site and autotrader as well as the myriad of specialists and yes I can see what you mean about spec driving the prices. My son who lives with us and is at Uni has a four door car so we're covered should we need more seats / space. My commute is dual carriageway circa 10 miles in rush hour traffic in the morning and somewhat lighter when I finish in the evening. Despite that rush hour challenge and Bristol traffic in general I'm really attracted to the manual. My last short test drive happened in rush hour and to be honest I found no problems with the gear changing requirement. I'm reflecting on my preferred spec as I think I've gotten somewhat sucked into specifying items either through concerns about resale or because everyone says that's what you need. Ultimately I want the engine noise and the handling as my core items. I'd add the sports steering wheel because its a visual thing I'd like. I'd prefer heated seats only because they can really help my disabled wife. I'd prefer the car to come with the twin sports pipes but I'm happy to go without the full PSE and look to upgrade in the future. Stereo quality is not a big driver for me, as long as it's basically listenable I'm content. I'm relaxed over whether the seats are leather or the leather / alcantara mix - as long as they are comfortable and hold me. If a car comes with the leather dash / door tops then great but it's not something I'm fixated on. Given I'm looking at a 2014ish car I'm thinking the SAT NAV will probably be dated and I should focus on WAZE or similar via my mobile phone. Right back to the internet as the search continues!
  7. Thank you Woodhouse for replying and I'm sorry to hear your purchase is not working out for you. I suspect none of this would've been immediately apparent from a test drive (well a typical 15 min test drive normally offered) and it's only in living with it that your preferences have been found unmet. In my research I've heard good things about the 987 steering / driver feel. I had genuinely discounted the 987 but maybe I am being a tad hasty. Well the search continues!
  8. Hi everyone, I thought that I'd break cover and stop 'lurking' in the background. I'm not a Cayman owner, yet, however I am getting closer. I've been familiarising myself with 981 (whilst the 987 shape has really grown on me its the 981 for me) and reading up the buyers guide from here as well as countless you tube videos etc. I've driven two 981's and funnily enough both were the 2.7 variant and both manuals. In each case I smiled from ear-to-ear at the noise, the way it 'felt' in the bends and just that sense of piloting something specials as opposed to my little 'hot hatch' runaround (2015 M135i). So where am I at as of today: 1. I'm looking at a budget of £35k 2. The risk averse attitude in me is pushing my to an OPC purchase for the 2 yr warranty (I'm near Camerons Sports Cars of Bath and they seem to have a strong rep so maybe I could given an indie a try? I'm minded that as this is my first Porsche lets go belts and braces hence the OPC preference?) 3. As I say my experience to date has been limited to the 2.7 and whilst not overly quick I thoroughly enjoyed the noises and as soon as you hit the twisties it is plenty quick enough 4. The manual gearchange is lovely 5. I prefer the twin sports tail pipe look 6. I prefer the Sports Steering Wheel 7. I like the 20" Carrera S wheels in Satin Platinum 8. Colour, well so far I've fallen in love with a Guards Red variant, then a Carmine Red variant, a yellow with Black Carrera S wheels variant, a Rhodium Silver with Satin Plat Carrera S wheels and I'm now considering a white one with Satin Plat Boxster 19" wheels (they are silver at the moment but the OPC is offering to spray them as part of the deal). I suppose what I'm saying is that I find all the colours of interest A few questions if I may: 1. Looking at values in Parkers, or online websites, they bear no real relation to the those being asked in the market place? Is that typical? 2. I'm wondering if the 19" Boxster S wheels might be a more sensible compromise to the 'look of the Carrera S', thoughts? Most, if not all, of the cars in my budget on the OPC website do not have PASM which seems to be strongly recommended for those cars with 20" wheels? 3. I intend for the Cayman to be my daily and will likely accrue 10k miles a year, given the relatively low mileage of many Caymans am I heading towards a significant loss (say adding circa 30k miles to a 2014 car with roughly mid-20k miles on it? I know crystal ball gazing here but I'm managing my expectations 4. From an OPC, is a manual 2.7 2014 plate listing at just £34k a tad ambitious pricing by them? Although I've found cheaper I keen justifying the price for the benefits of the 111 point check and the 2 yr warranty? Thoughts? 5. Any other key points (models, engine choices, equipment, colours etc) I should consider given your experience of Cayman ownership? Well I'll close for now and apologies for the quick hello turning in to a question list Cheers.
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