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  1. Great, great day. Cheers for organising this under all the circumstances. Outstanding success.
  2. Baldock to Sharnbrook interesting route, please spill the beans 😉👍
  3. Cheers for the update, had a look on Google maps looks open! With traffic on, know a bypass route extra 10 mins, so I f we leave on time with a spirited drive should arrive on time.
  4. No in Freeport itself. Mc D and comfort break at Baldock Services when meeting the others! Sorry for any confusion
  5. Anyone meeting at Freeport times have changed to 08:30 leaving to head over to Baldock services and meet up with a few more! Comfort & Mc D and onwards 08:30 LEAVING 😉👍 Main Car park
  6. Got a track day Wednesday, Cadwell so can't promise how shiny as I'm away for the rest of the week 😅
  7. If we leave Braintree 08:45 - 08:50 should be at Baldock services around 09:40 - 09:50 ish or sooner 🤪 Timings can be tweaked a little 👍
  8. We got a list of cars that showed interest, have we a list of confirmed CR. Would love to see a good showing after all the hard work put in 😉👍. See you Sunday
  9. All Booked up, 🤪 Any news on when the T-shirts can be ordered 👍
  10. Fantastic Event Shirt available for all attendees? In with the event ticket?
  11. Lift the door handle twice to wake sleep mode
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