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Found 1 result

  1. Now I know, this is a Cayman forum right...what the hell am I thinking asking you lot these questions.... But here it is. The Problem The Cayman R is gone, and god I miss it like a dead dog, I need to fill the void soon. Whilst the M5 is most definitely Uberholt Prestige in bucket loads, incredibly fast, comfortable and basically a beautiful car to own and drive everyday it is let down by the fact it’s not a Porsche. I know, I’m hearing you, first world problems bla bla, but it’s still a problem no matter how many people are starving. This is is a toy for weekends and road trips. Solution 1 Buy another Cayman R. My concern here is 3 fold. 1) I’ve been there, never sleep with your ex and all that, it’s never as good the second time around, just keep the memories, 2) it’s a lot of money and 3) I’m pretty convinced I could build a better car from a base Cayman S Solution 2 Buy a Gen2 Cayman S and mod it, by which I mean pukker stuff to turn it into a little racer, I’m thinking Ohlins, bucket seats, lightweight wheels, a decent full exhaust system and cats, and that kind of jazz. A really dirty little rascal and something to tinker with. Solution 3 I’ve been offered a Gen2 996, for similar money to a Gen2 Cayman but the car has been properly specced up. Aero kit and GT3 bumpers, lightweight wheels, KW V3 suspension, lightweight flywheel and clutch, trick diff, etc etc. I’ve never had a 911 and so the appeal is something different and a bit of a project. So, I put it to you all, what would you do...

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