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Found 16 results

  1. I thought I’d start a build tread of my 987 S project track car as I’m on a 17 hour flight from hell and need to kill some time and might as well make use of the free wi-fi. My other reason for uploading this build thread is to maybe help a new Cayman owner who is thinking of blowing (investing) thousands into a track project. I’ve read so many detailed build stories and found them so helpful with my project, probably saving me ££££ and alerting me to all the issues and gimmicks to watch out for. So I think I should return the favour with this one as its fair to say it hasn’t been easy an
  2. This story begins with a dream. A dream to have loud noises, more hp and shiney new car parts. Some of this came true but let's take you through the story that is. Replacing stock manifolds with high flow cats (sold to the misses because the gasket on one side started leaking so obviously both might as well be done and an upgrade should happen at the same time to save money....) As Google will tell you and from what you can gather when a indie specialist wants nearly 1k to do it. Replacing the manifolds on these is a bit of a pitta. Mainly due to the inevit
  3. Can anyone recommend someone to rebuild my engine, 3.4s 2006 so yes it smokes on startup i have replaced the air oil separator last week but have not been able to drive it just start it and warm it due to a clutch starting to fail/ judder but still smokes on start, does it need a good clear out or would the fix be instant ? my situation is that the clutch has started to slip and im looking to have that replaced but thought maybe its time for a re build ....OR do i get the clutch done for now £300-£500 as i have the parts and wait until winter and have the rebuild done ? Back to
  4. Hello all, I've been pretty quiet on here but I thought I'd share some pics of my Cayman after washing and drying it yesterday (11th Nov)... The car is relatively standard, I've added an "R" inspired side stripe, a CarGraphic cat-back exhaust, SSK, black intake grilles and some headlight bulbs. I also had a full correction detail earlier in the year which makes the task of cleaning so much more rewarding. Photo's taken using my Nikon DS3200 DSLR with 18-40mm & 35 Nikor lenses. Cheers, Greg.
  5. JD-

    Cayman 987

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