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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, Not sure if it has been covered here in the past or not so I thought I'd share... I've been suffering from the dreaded "Trunk Clunk" for months and this weekend, I finally decided to look into it. Basically, there is a rubber/metal counterweight fitted within the rear hatch to aid opening/closing as well as damping vibrations by frequency matching but 180 degrees out-of-phase. Over some bumps it moves so much it contacts the inner structure of the hatch giving the most annoying and predictable 'clunk'. I found this guide really helpful and it seems to have solved the issue for now! http://www.planet-9.com/reviews/miscellaneous/p7-porsche-stopping-the-hatch-26quot-3bclunk-26quot-3b.html Greg.
  2. This story begins with a dream. A dream to have loud noises, more hp and shiney new car parts. Some of this came true but let's take you through the story that is. Replacing stock manifolds with high flow cats (sold to the misses because the gasket on one side started leaking so obviously both might as well be done and an upgrade should happen at the same time to save money....) As Google will tell you and from what you can gather when a indie specialist wants nearly 1k to do it. Replacing the manifolds on these is a bit of a pitta. Mainly due to the inevitable blackboard scratching sounds that is the snapping of the manifold bolts into the block on removal. So knowing the issues and that it's almost definitely going to happen after looking at the brown crusty goodness that was currently holding them in place. I went ahead an ordered a Stomski racing drilling jig from Porsche Shop UK. Now it is an expensive bit of kit for what it is. However if I didn't have it I wouldn't be writing this post as I'd have already been signed into the local institute not knowing what way was up anymore. So the kit is very comprehensive. Comes with everything you will need to do the job of drilling out the snapped studs including a tap to chase any holes you don't get the old thread out from. Everything is very high quality and very well presented. So onto the job. Removing the rear section of the exhaust was the first job. And even though I'd had the fixings replaced when I had the 2nd cats deleted these were still heavily corroded and wouldn't budge. Managed to get a couple off but some took brute force and some help from Mr angle and Mrs grinder to cut them loose. Next after a day spent dealing with that we move onto the money shot. All manifold bolts had been sprayed with PB Blaster over the past month and just before starting had been left overnight drenched in the stuff. Pretty much bathed in it myself by the end of this. So onto the drivers side. And amazingly 1st....2nd....3rd....4th....5th and..... Ahhh dam it 6th bolt snapped but all others came out without an issue. Thought I was some sort of god when all 5 came out before with no issues but alas that was not the case. So out comes the gold plated disco jig to the rescue. As described everything lined up perfectly. Bushings went on great and everything was set to go. All I can say is measure twice cut once when drilling out these bolts as one wrong move and suddenly you need a full engine rebuilt. So onto drilling, plenty of lube is needed.... (giggidy) to keep everything cool and free moving. The kit comes with some carbide drill bits which is a nice touch and very good quality. So after about 30mins of backing it in and out to let the swarf fall from the chamber the pilot hole was done. Ooo nice and central. So now you move onto the bigger drill to take out the remaining material up to the thread. Same procedure with mounting the fixture and just swapping the bushing out. Oft sexy as a drilled hole can get there. Then grab some needle nose pliars and pull the remaining material out the hole. Replace all of the bolts with stainless studs and that's one side done. Onto the other side thinking it will be much like the first and bang. First bolt snapped..... Pop second bolt snapped then a 3rd and a 4th... By this point life itself is exiting my body wondering wtf I'm going to do if they all go. With a bit of swearing at the last two and a sturn talking to the last two bolts did come out fine. So 4 more snapped bolts to do then. Out comes the jig and the same process on the first two without a hitch. Then thinking it's all going well and I will be racing around on my new exhausts to the local mcds later tonight with a big grin knwokng I've done it myself and saved tons of cash doing so..... Bang..... Whoops bugger...... Rushed it and Pushed to hard without enough lube.... Sooo at that point I wanted to cry. Gone were the dreams of mcds and exhaust tones and more of regret and annoyance at what a pleb I'd been. Saving grace was at least the snapped bit came out but I'm now having to order move drill bits hoping the quality is the same or as close as. And 3/16 bits aren't the easiest to come by in the UK I've now found out. So to at least try and cheer myself up I did test mount the other side. All looking good and lining up as it should. But the other side will have to wait a few days now to be fully complete. And as this was done on Jack stands in a garage I'm glad to be giving my back a break for a few days. Would have been a doddle on a lift in comparison. Will also be putting on new lambda sensors as trying to get the old ones off wasn't happening either. 🤣 Sooo people wanting to follow the story can follow me on Instagram: @that_purple_cayman And I will try and keep this thread updated with the progress.
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