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The Doc




When I saw this incident I had mixed opinions, a kind of yin and yang moment as I tried to decide whether fate had dished out a cruel blow or whether the much fabled god (of whatever flavour you believe in) had tried his hand at a spot of natural selection in the motoring universe by weaning out that which is clearly too accomplished and therefore at distinct advantage to lesser metal. 


So as you can see, said Caymans were not all travelling independently in some high odds scenario, they were in fact in transit probably on their way to some patient waiting owners to be.  You can imagine the call from their local OPC now..."vee are very sorry Mr Herr Flick, but your Porsche GT4 has been involved in an incident vith 6 usser Cayman GT4s"  You'd expect this to be some prank type TV programme fronted by Jeremy Beadle with that kind of news, but no this actually happened...in Germany! 


GT Sprint reported the facts as 



The accident happened when the driver of the car transporter was forced to brake for a queue of traffic. A dutch lorry following closely behind failed to spot the slowing car transporter and ploughed into the back. In trying to avoid the accident, a car in the adjacent lane, swerved into another car, blocking the entire autobahn. 

The drivers of all three cars were admitted to hospital for treatment of their injuries. The police have valued the damage at more than 1 million euros. The road remained blocked until 9 pm as the recovery works required a crane.


I'd say, some donkey has helped to inflate even further the already ridiculously over-inflated prices of part worn Cayman GT4s by knocking 7 off the limited number of available cars to the desperate over-paid public.  


Feast your eyes....






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