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    • thanks guys. Rich, battery is fairly new and is a high ampage Bosch. alternator is fine.
    • Hi   I’ve not been out in my Cayman for 2 weeks (chomping at the bit) but using the time to do some maintenance on the car.   Wife works for the NHS and daughter off school so working part time in a supermarket so am conscious about going out.  Next grocery shop; then I’ll go and get it and get some fuel while I’m out and enjoy the trip.. Just so you all know; all the Porsche Centre Parts Depts are closed at present if you weren’t aware which means that all the independent Porsche suppliers (Ive tried them all) can’t provide genuine Porsche parts. Ive been trying everywhere to get a new AOS for the last week.    Finally found a Porsche Centre (after contacting Porsche GB) that had one and was willing to get the part from their stores and send me it next week. Really impressed.     All other suppliers just said Porsche are on lock down we can’t help you and so we are closed   Porsche Centre was actually £10 cheaper taking VAT an p&p into account than any other price I got on the net so don’t assume they are the most expensive. Give them a try.. I will from now on..   Stay safe  Cheers John Gen2 Cayman S (black)
    • The gen 2 suffers from most of the issues affecting gen 1 which have already been mentioned in this thread.  And bear in mind the newest gen 2 is now around 8 years old.     Hi Just read the note above. I’ve looked back on the thread but there is no mention of issues the Gen2 has as per the Gen1. Appreciate the reference might be to other threads but can someone advise what the common issues are.?   I’ve got a Gen2 and I was led to believe after quite a bit of research (appreciating that cars can fail at any time) that Porsche went out of their way to address a lot of the problems they had with the Gen1.? So am really surprised the Gen2 suffers from most of the same problems?    I believe for instance that the Gen2 doesn’t have an intermediate shaft so no IMS bearing to fail and I’ve not heard about a lot of Gen2 bore scoring compared to Gen1 (know there are some) so am really interested to understand why the Gen2 suffers most of the Gen1 problems?   If it’s things like AOS that’s fine, I can live with that as I’m replacing mine next week and 911 have the same issue but if they are identical then why are Gen2’s selling at £10k plus?   Sorry, but not sure about that comment and if they were identical I probably wouldn’t have taken the plunge in Cayman Gen2 ownership to be honest.. Same reason I didn’t buy an E92 M3...   Maybe I don’t appreciate the Gen2 reliability issues so I’d appreciate advice..?   Many thanks   Cheers John        
    • Which is exactly the same any other given day of the pre/post COVID world. 
    • I can’t think of a better way of being socially distanced than sat alone in the Cayman cockpit giving it some beans around empty roads. 
    • @Bushman I had a similar problem about a year ago after leaving the car for months without driving. Car started misfiring, most noticeable at low revs. The solution was a replacement solenoid and thorough cleaning. Fortunately I already had the car booked into a Porsche Indy for something else and they fixed it in a day. If I remember correctly, parts were £250 plus labour etc... 
    • Have you tested your battery is that ok? Is the alternator charging properly?
    • after parking up my lil S for a week or so at work whilst I was away on business, I came back to a random misfire mainly on 4 and 6 according to my OBD reader. starts beautifully every time, runs perfectly for a couple of miles then drops either 1 or 2 cyls whilst at low revs. the CEL flashes a few times. if I am quick enough, reving it up over 3000 rpm brings 6 cyls back in most times but as soon as the revs drop, back on 4. switch the car off then restart it, straight back on 6, back to normal for a while. resetting the fault with the ign eliminates shitty fuel so I thought cracked plug top coils. just got my tame mechy with a 4 poster to change my plugs and fit British made uprated Benchmark coils and whilst he was at it, a cam position sensor. This was flagged on several forums from all around the world as it appears that this exact fault is quite common but nobody seems to conclusively pin it down to a particular fault, but cam position sensors were a likely candidate.  On the way home, same fault. The service centre next to my tame mechy had all the latest Porsche diagnostic software on his machine, loves Porkers but didn't just want to restrict himself to one brand so does all German makes. anyway, he diagnosed camshaft position solenoids as the problem. Some research suggests that before replacing them as they are about £250 each, to remove them and give them  good solvent clean as the mesh filter gauze inside gets blocked with oil sludges and deposits and the solenoids stick. Question, has anybody else come across this issue and did cleaning out the solenoids cure the problem. cheers guys.
    • Haha! Thanks. It's certainly cosy! I'll upload a proper cold start one tomorrow. Sounds epic on cold start. The video definitely shows post exhaust mod! What a muppet lol.
    • It was sorted by a painless dent removal guy that specialises in it.  He did one on my door too - great job and was only £25 per dent.
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