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    • Equally nonsense. Nobody with even half a clue would mistake a wrap for paint. It doesn't look the same. It also gets tatty very quickly if you actually use the car, unless you also get the whole thing PPF'ed, too. At which point having it done properly is very, very expensive.   You can also have problems even with factory paint. Even the slightest chip / defect can leading to problems when removing. Now, with a brand new car, absolutely, you are unlikely to have problems when removing. But we're talking about ******* 987s, which are quite old. None of them will have perfect paint. Any 987 is at significant risk of issues when removing a wrap.   Insurance is also a genuine issue. Lots of insurers will decline, reducing the pool of available quotes and in most cases leading to higher premiums. This is an objective fact.   If you want to pretend otherwise, that's your problem.
    • Hi Guys This came with my car when I bought it but I've never fitted it. £475 Appologies it's not in the for sale section, but I could start a new top there?   I have plenty of pictures I can send but there just over the 1000kb so I can't upload them to the site. It's one of these, see below. All in good condition (Stainless) and comes with 2 remote controls.   https://www.topgear.co.uk/porsche-987-2-cayman-and-boxster-valved-cat-back?language=en-gb&currency_code=GBP&country_id=222&zone_id=3536&gad_source=1&gclid=CjwKCAjwz42xBhB9EiwA48pT749QpIXklq8E04gYNKeTD6TutBSSdEcv3vvmBCCRLRBGTpJo5ON21RoCtiwQAvD_BwE   matthew.bannister@btinternet.com  
    • Hi, I need a magsafe wireless charging mount.   I had a vent one which was OK but not good enough - keeps coming loose, pulling off the vent fins and I have to take apart and repair the vent.   I need to get a decent mount for my 13 pro max.     I have seen these: https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/porsche/cayman-type-987/proclip-for-porsche-cayman-type-987-0612-rhd/4919. Which I think are good but they aren't charging.. I can perhaps modify this and add a charger to it perhaps..?   I have a magsafe case and I wish to keep using it.. so get in car hold phone up and magnetically grabs and charges - no messing about with cables.   Any recommendations appreciated- nothing seems to quite do the job.   Thanks Mark
    • What's wrong with Admiral?  They were great for me when I was hit by a drunk driver in 2020.
    • Nonsense.   Sorry chap but if you use a bad workman then I concede you might have a bad outcome. I've seen plenty of cars over the years where I had no idea it was a wrap until I saw under the bonnet and I have a pretty good eye for tat. If you go with candy red or matt black, yes it's obvious. But if you pick a normal colour (with a decent company) there's no reason it won't look just like the real thing.   Removing will only be an issue if the paint was weak in the first place and insurance is a non-issue too unless you insure a car you care about with the likes of Admiral, at which point I'll tune out and walk off.
    • I had 987.2S up for sale with 67,000 miles and full OPC service history for £21,987 recently and got no interest. Dropped it to £20,987 and got one potential private buyer who eventually decided against it. However, I got an offer from RSJ Sports cars who would come and collect for £19,000. The deal fell through when they pointed out my tyres weren’t N rated. The point is that if they’re buying stock at that price, there’s still profit to be made. Car now withdrawn from sale I’ve come to my senses and realised there’s nothing as good in that price range. 
    • Good question, I’d say they have slightly gone down, which is good for me in terms of looking for a Cayman, and bad as I won’t get as much for my S2000 😆 
    • Welcome along!  What;re the plans first on the car? 
    • Wrapped cars look s**t once you get anywhere near them. You can see they're wrapped. It doesn't look like paint.   Then, of course, it gets tatty very quickly if you actually use the car, fitters can damage the paint with their knives fitting it in ways that aren't an issue in the short term but could give problems down the line and you won't know about it until it's far too late.   Then you can have problems removing the wrap. And the cost of fitting, plus it makes the car more expensive to insure. It's all fine for a few months if you're a YouTuber and looks fine in videos. But for real world usability, it's s**t and it looks s**t.
    • Fascinating. Mine has a horrible noise at high speed now too, wonder if it's similar cause. I assumed a couple of fins had broken off and the unit would need replacing (it's that kind of noise I thought)..
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