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Abbey Sprays bodyshop Hampshire

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Just thought I would put a shout out / recommendation for Abbey Sprays bodyshop in Romsey, Hampshire.  On a recommendation from my neighbour, who has restored a number of classic cars, I used them to respray both the front and rear bumpers on my 987 - the front in particular had a number of 'battle scars' after 14 years, nothing too serious but plenty of stone chips, a few parking scuffs and so on.  I'm nervous of having bodywork done that requires removal/refitting of bumpers, trim etc as I've had a few bad experiences in the past with poor quality control, but I have to say that Abbey Sprays did a very good job indeed, which was on time and as per the quote. 

And mine was the second 987 they had seen recently, the previous one I think for a bonnet respray and trim colour change.

They are a friendly, small-ish family run firm with a lot of experience so would recommend giving them a shout if you need any bodywork completed in the south hants area.



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Out of interest, what did they charge you for the pair? I'm a stone's throw away and got a fairly steep quote from another place.

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If you have the bumpers resprayed in situ its a lot cheaper but with the front in particular you'll not get such a great finish unless it's removed and stripped of parts. The rear is not such an issue.  So I think it cost me in the region of £300 for the rear and just shy of £500 for the front IIRC. 

Depends also on the condition of the bumpers of course, my front had quite a few stone chips to sort but it pretty much looks like new now.  I'm sure there will be places who would have quoted me cheaper but I've had issues in the past with poor quality bumper resprays that have caused more hassle than its worth.   

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