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Long Live the CaymanOC!

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On 06/07/2023 at 23:32, Craiglm68 said:

Hi Nick (and other names I recognise), good to see you keeping the dream alive 🙂 


I've been back in Aus for over 18 months now (hence dismally remiss in plugging into this forum), it's been a bit of a journey after being away for most of the last 21 yrs, but things seem to be bedding down nicely....to the point that I'm mid-process re importing the faithful old CS steed from Blightly to Melbourne (which in itself has been a learning curve and a half....I should write a book on it...some expat Brits on local Porsche forums over here have been very helpful indeed).


She's undergoing some compliance related work (eg braided brake hoses are a no no, standard rubber ones are fine....NFI why!) and some cosmetic tidying up, then into a container she goes. I've had a good friend looking after her, and giving her occasional exercise runs....he assures me she's warmed up properly and only driven on Sundays at some local track he refers to as "The Ring"....! All going well she'll arrive in Aus for late Spring....which will make a pleasant change from my current stallion (a leggy 2004 Honda CR-V borrowed from friends 😜).


Trust all are all and enjoying the roads during what sounds like a pretty decent Summer.


Good to hear from you buddy!  I did see your posts on Instagram and wondered where your travels were taking you - makes sense now.  


Look forward to hearing more when your Cayman final arrives in Aus with you, a reunion worth worth the wait!! 


Stay safe! :)

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It’s a shame to see the forum so quiet.  I much prefer owners clubs and forums to the myriad of Facebook groups, especially UK specific ones.  I had joined the forum when I first purchased a 987, would love for some Cayman meets etc.  I’m even happy to help arrange one if needs be.  

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