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Stop Start programming

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Hey everyone, quick question about programmability here.

I’d like to either set the stopstart system on my 981 to off as default, like I can with a bmw etc, or find a way to deactivate it all together. 

is this possible with the cayman? 

thanks, Thistle. 

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Any coding has to be done with PIWIS.  It's one to ask a specialist or OPC.


There are no simple tools available for Porsche as there are for BMW, unfortunately.

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@Thistle there are some options for this.  I did some digging and have found an extremely cost effective method.


I've known about the Launch X431 devices for quite some time, but the handheld tablets have always been expensive.  They have made a device called a "Thinkdiag".  It's a simple OBD dongle that uses an Android app to communicate to the car and code.  The dongle is about £80 and it includes 1 year of the software subscription.


I've used it to enable persistent settings for stop-start, AC, and made some other tweaks.  It's available on Amazon here: https://amzn.eu/d/amJb8ig | You're welcome to use mine if you're near South Wales anytime soon!



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