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981GT4 Prices After 718 GT4 Release

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I'm wondering if I should hang about until after the release of the 718 GT4 or try and get myself into a 981 GT4 now.  I'm aware that currently prices are still inflated, but have come down a fair bit.  


Whats the view on how the 718 GT4 will affect 981 GT4 prices?  

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I reckon they will come down a tad still but the 718 gt4 will just get inflated over the current 981 gt4 prices unfortunatey mainly by dealers (provided it has the right engine that is). Depends if u can wait it out I guess.

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the next one is ages away, the current one could well go up in price if the new one is turbo.


Buy what you want now imo, it's the best car In the range and who cares about overs, that's the price which means that's the price when you sell.


we can all sit and wait but that means no car to drive in summer 2018

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