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Fitting a Thinkware F800 Pro

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Finally got around to fitting this as I bought it in the January sales.


I wanted this to be stealthed but it is a little too large to be completely stealth. However I am fairly happy with it.


Description: First remove the fuse cover in the driver side foot well. Then undo the three screws holding the trim to the fuse box and remove the trim.


The camera came with a fuse so we (my mate did most of the work so shout out to ElgrandOC) piggy backed onto the 12V in the passager footwell.


To get the wire out we melted part of the fusebox. The wire was fed around and up the inside of the a frame and the along under the roof trim until the socket poked out from under the mirror.  The excess wire was bundled up and cable tied to the current cabling.


Once I was happy with the positioning of the camera then we stuck it in place and then decided to call it a night. The rear camera will take a lot more effort to position and route the cable for.


Just realized that I didn't take any shots of the camera installed - too busy setting up the camera which is done on the phone.






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Okay I am removing the camera permanently from the car.


The imagery is fantastic but the fact that it does not respect the battery charge level, despite assurances that it does, means I have had more flat batteries than I care for so once I source a replacement I will be getting rid of it.

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