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LS3 V8 Cayman Build - Working car req. for ECU dump, Norfolk - Earn $$

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Morning all, 

$$$$ Cash to plug a computer into your car!! $$$$ 

I'm doing a bit of modding to my 2006 Cayman S, which has a slightly poorly engine, and am looking for someone with a similar car who might be willing to help. 

What I need is to get a download of a working car's standard Porsche ECU in order for Emerald ECUs of Watton, Norfolk to program an aftermarket one for my car. 

This would basically just involve Emerald plugging their computer into the car and downloading a load of data while they turn different things on and off (this allows them to understand how the sensors on the engine provide info to the dashboard etc. - like rpm or oil level). Nothing would change on your car - the process doesn't upload or overwrite anything. 

As my car is not running I need someone to stand in for me. They would need the car 2 or 3 days, for which I would be willing to compensate you... 

So, if you are willing let me know!  

It should be a Gen 1 987 Cayman S (3.4) with Manual gearbox 

- preferably with (but not essential); 

Sport Mode 
PASM (Porsche Active Suspension Management) 
Cruise Control 
Tyre pressure monitoring 

My build is in your hands peeps. Make me proud. 

Thanks in advance, 


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Not a peep, unfortunately... I’ve been offered a 3.2 boxster for a few days by a chap on 911uk, but am really after a Cayman S...


There was a nice debate on Facebook’s Porsche Owners UK group, but mostly tech talk about what ECU is best for the V8 LS3 motor. So still looking for a car... :(

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