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981 Options list (and cost) etc.


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Hello all,


New on here so apologies if im asking a silly question (I have searched but couldn’t find what I needed)

I have a 2013 981 Cayman and I’m trying to determine the options, their code and cost.


I went to the Porsche car builder but that only gives me 718 and I’m not sure if this comparable?


The options I think I have are: (some could be standard features?)

folding mirrors

black 19” wheels

rear wiper

leather seats

electric back adjust seats

heated seats

bassalt black paint


Sat Nav

Sat Nav display on dials


Any info would be greafully appreciated



Few weeks of ownership and impressions so far are pretty good (have previously owned 2x 986 Boxsters) no complaints but the ride is a touch harsh with 19” wheels but that’s probably more to do with my advancing years and poor Cheshire roads.the car is manual transmission but I think PDK May have been an idea as clutch is pretty heavy.


I’ll be needing front pads soon, any suggestions for where to buy, had a quick look and Brembos range from £80 to £245 depending on retailer?


Also, what fuel should I be using? Previous owner always used super 98 but I used to use regular 95 - does the ECU work it out or should I use 98?


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Hi, you should be able to decode your vin on a few websites like www.vinanalytics.com.


I know a few as i did the same for mine.


Folding mirrors - 748 (dimming is separate) £203

Sat nav for PCM - 672 - £2142

Sports Seats - 317 & 319 (left and right) - £1914

Heated seats 342 - £284


I would use 98/99 as it is a high compression engine.




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  • 1 year later...

Does anyone have a PDF of the original 981 options?  Trying to establish how much the following options cost when new:


Extended leather


14 way electric seats


Thanks in advance...





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