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2011 Cayman S Speaker Upgrade Issue


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Hello dear Cayman Owners,


For 3 months I've been enjoying Cayman S, but last week one of my "2" speakers was broken so I bought Focal speakers. My Cayman is non-bose and there are speaker places at the rear but they're empty. So I bought 10cm Focal speakers and 10 meters of cable for there too. Seller told me that "does your main unit has 4 outputs; other way you must use an amplifier." 

Do you know how many outputs does my main unit has?

I don't want my Cayman screwed or broken so I'm afraid to install rear speakers. Do you have any recommendations?

Thank you.


About photos:


img-16: There is no rear setting

img-5: Non-bose door panel

There is no amplifier

img-1: There are spaces for speakers at the rear but there is no sound, I think they're empty.

img-11: My main unit type

img-12: I only have AUX in.

img-11: I love my steering wheel.

img-13: Back of the main unit as musc as I can reach.











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