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Sport Chassis v PASM

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Hi All

Brand new member here posting for the first time!

I was after some advice on the sports chassis option with 20mm lower suspension. I've just put a deposit subject to test drive on a 981 S with this suspension set up. I've not driven a car with PASM so have nothing to compare it to. It has 20" wheels so my only concern is if the ride will be to harsh for a daily driver. Anybody have this option or driven one that can comment?

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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Probably a bit late now but I tried a base 981 Cayman last year with standard suspension & discounted it as the ride was too "jiggly" but the Porsche dealer in Cardiff who had a 981 with 20 inch wheels & PASM that I had spoken to them about reckoned that with the PASM the ride was improved. So I went for a test drive & was pleasantly surprised & ended up buying it! Not regretted it at all! 

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I have the same on my S with 20" and have no issues with ride.  The only annoying thing is a "skipping" feeling when performing static or near static turns or parking.  But im told that is more to do with tyre choice

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