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Cayman 987 in central scotland - help required

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First post so apologies in advance if this post is in the wrong place etc.

I have a very low mileage 987.1 and live just outside Forfar, close to Dundee.

The first point is does anyone live around the Tayside area and have experience of garages that specialize in porsche? Or at least have some experience with them? I usually use a small local independent - they have experience of high performance cars and have worked on fast audis etc that i've owned, but little/no experience with porsche which makes me a bit nervous.

Second point - at the end of last year I bought a valved catback exhaust from Topgear, Bridport. https://www.topgear.co.uk/porsche-987-1-boxster-and-cayman-valved-cat-back I then used one of their 'approved installers' driving down to a firm based in Glenrothes (well known) for fitment. They fitted the catback system, but left the air line system unfitted (supposed to tee off an existing air line in the engine bay providing actuation to the butterfly valves), leaving the valves in the open position. Said they didn't have time to do this, despite being forewarned this was required. They also said they hadn't fitted this system before. I need this done by someone, (not confident doing myself) has anyone else had this system fitted? The car is now out of MOT so needs to be relatively local – bit of a mess!  


Any help very much appreciated.

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