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2.7 Black Cayman


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Hello all, thought I'd start my Cayman updates and tweeks on here. 

So she's a 2007 with 111000 on the clock.. 

A touch tatty but all together a fantastic car for the money.

I had no plans to buy one untill I suggested to a mate in the market for a new car "how about the Cayman, supposed to be fantastic" I briefly checked the prices online... Couldn't believe how cheap they were!! A week later... 20211224_001237.jpg.36597ce3e9a17aa4672c365cf9e87f0b.jpg

 Already 35mm lowered and looking beautiful 😍

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2 hours ago, trialsstar3 said:

Ahh thanks, the brand is Toyo.

Tje 20s are on... It's the above photo. No rubbing or harsh ride. They actually ride better than the 18's 👍

1st photo is the wheels Photoshopped on and the second is the actual wheels on the car. To be honest it's not often that the real life actually looks better than the edited version.. IMO 😊20211224_165147.jpg.f228e78891ab51b7bd80b737958be948.jpg

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