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Clutch peculiarity - how to change master and slave cylinder?


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I have peculiar behaviour with the clutch on my 987.1 Cayman non-S with a 5-sp box. In brief; the pedal won't return fully to the top position and it has very recently become a lot worse, with hardly any pedal movement at all. The gears are hard to change (they need force on the lever) and there seems to be fluid spilled out of the top of the clutch fluid reservoir. I'm not trying to diagnose it yet but do have a new master and slave cylinder to fit to the car. 

My question is how to do this. I have struggled to find on-line guides to the work, other than a few forum posts suggesting that the slave cylinder is a pig of a job to do. Does anyone have any information they can share about either job? Suggestions? How-to's? Photos? Videos? All would be welcome, particularly if you can offer first-hand experience! 

(I'm happy to write the job up afterwards if it helps.) 




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