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Porsche Cayman 981s Ducktail Consideration


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Hi all, 1st time posting here and a pic of my porsche 981s that im presently upgrading but trying to keep all mods tasteful and as original as possible but to enhance its look and specialness!! :)


I've been searching the Web for a good quality ducktail, however so many conflicting views on line from poor fitment relating to USA, Taiwan and Chinese products, plus safety issues regarding the tilt of the Cayman spoiler when being deployed causing an airbreak, however aftermarket mods of this nature have not reported and changes in their driving experience! 


I'm wanting to do the right thing and not go down the fixed GT4 wing and ducktail route as its not a GT4, and as I have gloss black details already and didn't want to mix in a more expensive TWL carbon fiber ducktail, but still want a more aggressive wing appearance! 


I've looked at the GRP ducktail for around £390 unpainted on Design 911 website but guess this is a cheap import too and may not be a good fit?


I'm happy to buy an OEM ducktail, however I can't find anyone who has done this on a cayman apart from boxsters as the spoiler tilt is different and maybe porsche do not provide the hardware to put a rising ducktail on a cayman!


What are your experiences and views regarding any of the above to help me make the right choices and decisions regarding a ducktail modification? Thanks





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