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987.2 track/race car

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Very cool Toppy.


I have a 987.2 and have a mildly dreaming idea that one day I might be able to race it (it's my Nurburgring car at the minute). How did you get on in EnduroKa I am looking to take part in a few rounds this year.


If you need an extra set of hands at a meeting at Brands I'd be happy to pop up (I'm only 10 mins away)

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Thanks. You're welcome to come down to the EnduroKa at Brands - it's late October this year. It's always cold and miserable but we love that round as it's day/night, and we normally get Nick Tandy come and race against us (and teach us all that we're crap). 


It's surprisingly fun as a series. We've done it for 3 seasons now, and are just a group of friends who bought a car after a night in the pub and prepared it ourselves. Despite the lack of power and speed the cars are fun to race & we just have a great crack going away for the weekend and giving eachother s**t over the radio. If we do well, then it's an added bonus. 


We're racing at Silverstone this weekend, which will be live-streamed here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD_0w5hQttc. Shout if you've got any questions, happy to help. 


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