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Hello! New Member and Possible new Porsche Owner


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Hi all!


I've signed up today as I'm considering buying a new car next year and after doing alright at work, I can seriously consider buying some dream cars. Porsche being one of them!


A bit about me: Loved Motorsport all my life and started my career in the Videogames industry as a Games Tester. I worked up to become a Designer and then switched industries and now work in the Business / Marketing industry as a Lead Software Tester. Aside from cars and motorsport, I love running, games, music, films and weekends away with my Wife. Love Cider and Ale too, all in moderation though. :)


Being raised as a working class kid, I never thought I'll be in this position but through hard work, good fortune and a loving Wife, my dream of owing a high end car is looking more and more likely. Realistically, I'll be looking seriously in Summer 2018 but I've started scouting what I can afford now. The current list is:


Porsche Cayman 2008

Honda Civic Type R 2010

BMW 335i 2010

VW Golf GTI (Possibly the Pirelli Special Edition)


My budget is around £10K but £15K is my absolute max and it seems Porsche Caymans in good condition start around £13K, so I remain hopeful!


And despite loving cars all my life, I must admit I had never liked Porsche. I know, I'm sorry! But a writer named Chris Harris adores them and through his YouTube videos, I started to love Porsche and it's purely because of him that I've found myself here. And as a little treat, I took last Saturday out to look at some Porsche's and came across a beautiful 911 Carrera S in a really beautiful dealership around my neck of the woods in Hampshire, UK. Thought I'll share the picture I took!


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31 minutes ago, Bill Wells said:

Don't forget the upkeep. These cars are expensive to maintain. Plus insurance and taxes. Good luck.


Hi Bill!


Yeah, I've been preparing myself as I went from a 2008 Mazda 6 to a 2008 BMW 3 Series that I've beens servicing through an official BMW dealer. More expensive than my previous cars but prices have not been too bad so far.


A friend works as a chief mechanic for Porsche Guildford in Surrey and he's been giving me some advice, work rates, service prices and all seems reasonable and in my ball park. Also, he's kindly offered to look at any car I'm seriously interested in so I feel I won't pick a porker. :)


It's a new world but hopefully I'll be able to source a good example when the time comes. Looking forward to owning such a great car!

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