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Bore Scores

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Quick question,

Are bore scores in the Cayman S as common as the internet makes it sound, I'm taking mine over to Le Mans in June which I'm really looking forward to but at the same time a little bit twitchy about reliability. Apparently my no 6 cylinder has been done by the previous owner, his dad ( an engineer  ) stripped the engine then Baz at Hartech worked on the cylinder head ( Baz has confirmed this ) then the engineer chap rebuild it, thus was 6,000 mikes ago. All seems ok with car but probably just a little paranoid 

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Just go for it and enjoy the ride!


Since I started reading up on the possibility of buying a 987 Cayman (Gen 1) a month ago, I've been chatting to my friend who has worked for an official Porsche dealership for coming up to 10 years now. I asked him about this very issue and he's well aware of the worry but said he's not seen a single issue Bore in his garage with that era of Porsche.


His opinion was that there's no question, there's no smoke without fire but the problem is exaggerated as no one complains when their car is fine, but when it's cuffed up you know about it!


He said if your car is serviced well and you drive it frequently there's nothing to be worried about.

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