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I have the Porsche PCM 2.1 DVD sytem with all latest upgrades. I am getting a bit frustrated on two fronts. Firstly the GPS is a cumbersome thing to use and very limited in its function compared to my portable. The second is the usual gripe about playing music from external sources. I have been looking at reasonably priced units with the same form factor and come up with two manufaturers Seicane who do a 9" and 6.2" screen Android based system and a 6.2" non Android. They are reasonably priced at around £500. The other is Dynavin (7" screen) at around £800 which seems to very biased towards I-Phone and I-Pads which they make a big thing of. I have neither. I just have my Samsung phone and tablet. Both seem to be able to accommodate rear view camera which I dont have just now and seem to do everything that I need.


What will I loose by changing if anything, like most gadgets they all look good when you buy them there are many features of the PCM 2.1 that I have never used.

Has anybody got first hand experience of either unit?

I would not dispose of the original Porsche system just in case when I sell the car.

Do I just stick with what I have got and use my portable sat nav stuck to the screen plus a pile of CDs or listen to the radio.


thanks for any guidance



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Following a bit more research I have come up with what looks like a cheap option for playing music, a CD autochanger look alike.




It plugs into the PCM blue and green C connector where the CD changer would plug in. Looks fairly easy but I read that unless your PCM is configured for CD autochanger then the C plug is not live. I don't know if this is Porsche scaremongery or if it's true. I can't see any reason why or how the need to go to Porsche for them to configure the CD player to accept a changer. If this is plug and play then it solves my music problem by allowing BT or USB connection to my Samsung device. With this I could probably live with the satnav limitations. My question is do I need to have my PCM configured by Porsche to allow a changer input. By the way it seems like this is a cheaper form of Dension.

Do I chance €99?





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