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Sat in Sainsbury’s car park waiting for the AA, almost certain it’s a broken shifter cable so shouldn’t be ruinously expensive. Hope the AA will tow to Nine Excellence. Deeply cheesed off. 

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3 hours ago, DKR_77 said:

See it as an opportunity - Upgrade to GT items?? 


Still sucks to breakdown though! 

i'm trying not to get sucked into the upgrade/mod hole (saying the guy who bought an upgraded PASM module for £900)

AA took ages and so cant tow to Nine Excellence before they closed, cant leave it in the car park so had to tow home and now have to tow to 9E for ££, AA wont do that. ARSE!

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Call from the porsche doctor. It’s not the cables, something has sheared off in the shifter mechanism. So new one of those required, almost went for the short throw option but want to reign in the creeping modification spend! He also spotted a steering rack leak, just waiting on a quote for refurbished replacement unit. He said i could just top the oil up as its not a serious leak but don’t fancy that and will only have to fix it when i sell in any case.



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so the outcome:


Replace standard shifter £260 + VAT

Reconditioned Steering Rack, including Geo after fitting £730 +VAT


his usual supplier doesn't have any in stock, he normally swaps with the donor car, so will have to send mine off to be refurbed - i assume that means strip and replace any seals. seems an OK price, ive seen refurbed ones on line for £450ish


on a 53000 mile car, not that impressed but s**t happens i guess, like i say he said i could drive it and just keep an eye on the power steering oil bit as you have to get the engine lid off, i don't fancy it.

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I was talking to a guy at our local TIPEC meet a couple of months ago and he was about to have his third steering rack on his gen 2 Cayman, owned from new and currently on 39k miles.  He was a bit miffed as you'd imagine.  

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