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Waterpump or something more serious?


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So six days into Porsche ownership, I've run into my first potential issue. 


I'd noticed an occasional minor squeak at idle, which I'd assumed was one of the belts, but having done an hour or so of motorway driving earlier today a much more worrying noise emerged as I was close to home. It was a knocking/mechanical type of noise which I noticed at idle/low speed, which as you an imagine wasn't a very welcome sound :4_joy:


I've got a Porsche specialist a couple of miles away, so I'm going to try and make arrangements to get the car there tomorrow (originally I didn't want to drive it there if it was something potentially bad).


Having done a bit of trawling through forums, and watching some youtube vids, the noise does sound very much like a failing waterpump. Has anyone else experienced something similar and know what I mean about the noise?!


Assuming it is a waterpump, can anyone give a rough idea of the cost of replacing at a decent indy?


Also, if it is the waterpump on its way out, can I do much damage driving for a mile or two, or would I be better trying to get AA to recover me to the garage?



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If it’s your water pump then the cost is likely to be c.£500 at an Indy.  


@chesh had his done recently...


prices here might help: http://www.sportsandclassic.com/index.php?page=services_servicing


i’d probably avoid driving it anywhere if it were me.  


I assume the car was a private purchase and not from a dealer? 

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Thanks. That link is useful (Revolution and others seem to have something similar too which is helpful).


I'm about 1.5 miles away from my local Porsche indy, which is frustratingly close, but I'll speak to him in the morning to see what he thinks. 


And yep, private sale unfortunately! 

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Well, waterpump it was. 


I decided to drive it across to my local indy this morning, and as I was around the corner the noise stopped. I think that was the pump giving up, so by the time I pulled in to the garage it was dripping coolant! At least it wasn't an engine noise which was my first fear, but still a nice £500 bill and I've only had the car 6 days. (Still happy with it though!).

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