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Roof bar options


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I've found a few old threads, and from what I can see this was the suggested options for a Thule roof rack: 

2 x Footpack 753 (for the front) and 2 x Footpack 751 (for the rear), fitting kit 3100 and roof bars


Is this still the best route to go down? (I'm assuming Porsche bars are still expensive). I'm going to need to be able to carry my road bike occasionally, so I'm trying to source the bits. If anyone has any roof bars/fittings lying around that might also be useful! 

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Hi Owain


looking at same thing currently. Did you do this in the end and if so does it result in a level rack for e.g. roofbox?



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That's the set-up that I've got fitted to my car and it's pretty much ideal.


Mine will potentially be for sale in the next few months as my Cayman R needs to go to make way for a new addition to the family! Based in Aberdeen but can arrange postage - give me a shout if you're interested.

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Thanks a lot for coming back on this. It's always great to hear from someone who has already done this to know if it works for a 987. 


I saw that someone who did this with a 911 said it was nice and level which is what I'm after to avoid issues with a roof box. I just wanted to check it is level for a Cayman too. Would you say it is? 


Appreciate the heads up on you potentially selling your set but as I only need the rack I'll probably just treat myself to a new set as they aren't too expensive. 


Good of luck with the new addition! 





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Yeah, I’d say it’s pretty level - my driveway and road are sloped so can’t get a spirit level on there but I don’t think you’ll have any issues with a roof box 😀

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