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Bluetooth Phone/Music interface


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Got stock CD player in my Cayman Gen 1 and wondered about what system or devices anyone has to connect phone to the stereo? Music is priority but if there's a dual system at reasonable price I'd go that route! 

Thanks in Advance.

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Hi Banners, Not 100% sure which head unit you have but have you thought about Porsche Universal audio interface (AUX)? I know you need PCM for the Ipod connectivity but think the Universal audio interface (AUX) works with CDR-30. Obviously not the cheapest solution (so doesn't fit the reasonable price) but tucks away nicely in the arm rest.

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I used at Belkin fm Bluetooth receiver from Halfords..  about £70 used it for 7 months during which I travelled 600 mile round trip every fortnight to work and back.. great cheap device.. now have a touchscreen head unit...



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Hi There


I just picked up my Gen 2 Cayman S and PCM 3 and noticed that it has Bluetooth music but not Bluetooth Audio.


So I picked up one of these for £17 https://www.amazon.co.uk/JETech-Bluetooth-Receiver-Transmitter-Adapter-Transmisor-y-Receptor/dp/B00YCWEBSY


Just plug it into the 3.5mm Aux input and you instantly have Bluetooth Audio without faffing around with FM transmitters! Sound Quality is amazing and because its so small you can hide it completely in the armrest!



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