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GT3 Lower Control arms


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I will be fitting some GT3 adjustable control arms to my CR shortly.

Have purchased new fixing bolts and nuts but I need the dimension of the standard fit outer bush that fits to the diagonal arm.

The GT3 versions are shorter than OEM  so I need to machine some spacers to make the overall length exactly the same.

Does anyone have a standard one that they could measure accurately so I can have these spacers made before I start to dismantle ?

I have also made adjustment shims 8.0 mm , 5.0 mm , 3.0 mm ,2.0 mm and 1.0 mm that would be much cheaper if anyone is interested.

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Yes I have the arms and all the hardware to fit it.

Just have to make these spacers so the overall length is exactly the same as the original part.

Was hoping someone might have had one they had taken off.

These have worked out cheaper than the Eibach  and they are all original Porsche specification.

LCA 1.jpg


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Could someone measure the centre of the front wheel to wheel arch on a R

I need to get the hub in the correct place before I tighten the lower arm so the rubber bush is not tensioned too much.

Should have measured it before I dismantled !

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