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Replace a Pioneer Plasma or not?


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So my Pioneer TV is now nearly 12 years old, nothing wrong with it at all and never been a problem.  


Ive always had it wall mounted but we've recently had a bit of a decorating session and some new furniture and will be putting it on a new AV unit we've bought.  Trouble is, I never had a table top stand for the Pioneer and to get one costs about £200.   


The conundrum is spend the £200 on a 12 year old, (but still very good picture wise) TV or put that towards a new TV these days given how cheap they appear to be. My worry is that LED/LCD just don't seem to be as nice to watch as the Pioneer screen, but the 'smart' features will be a bonus.  

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That's the million dollar question. I'm  sure some of the latest screens will be nearly as good as plasma. 


For me my next TV will be a smart one. We subscribe to Netflix and Amazon. I also like to view YouTube videos via  my tv. Currently we have a none smart tv but a smart blue ray player that allows us to circumnavigate the TVs shortfalls. 


3d, I wouldn't  be bothered. Never liked them, don't bother at the cinema with them. I'm old school. Video is 2d. 

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On 3 January 2016 at 10:35, @carnewal said:

Chromecast works really well for Netflix and YouTube.

I would keep the Pioneer, it's very good and a crying shame that they stopped making these :( .




I managed to find a decent aftermarket table top stand in the end for much less than the Pioneer made stands are being sold for so I'm keeping the Pioneer for now, I had a look at a few TVs and just decided the picture quality on the Pioneer is still difficult to beat unless you spend £1000s on a new one.  



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