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airbag light & pcm 3 inop

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new member here, so 2010 S - my basic diagnostic tool tells me its the aibag trigger unit - I posted over at PCGB, then saw this forum mentioned so thought i would come join you, I  know where the trigger unit is now thanks to help on the PCGB forum but wonder if any friendly member on here in Surrey/M25 with a durametric or similar that could recode a new/replacement trigger unit - I plan to remove the center console now, check all the wiring, get the part number etc. 


My PCM 3 is dead also, not sure if that is coincidence or linked - the PCM has been removed and refitted, previously - any common failures on a PCM 3 that can be easily fixed? 



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I replied via Facebook but seems not to have got through!

try moving your seats forward then tilting the back forwards and put the back in place and then push the seat back.

hope that makes sense. It's an issue when the bulk head stops the seat fully locking in place.

i had the same issue with trigger unit and other faults on diagnostic. I had trigger unit replaced and a load of other stuff sorted but light still came on.

having ask on here I was advised to do this with the seat as apparently if the seat is not locked in place properly it gives fault warnings.

i did it and it's not come back on since.

worth a try before you spend a stack of cash 

hope this works for you as it did for several others including me.

not sure on the pcm3 issue but you never know.


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I had an airbag light issue with it flickering on hard cornering - as if it readying itself for some doomed excursion into the hedgerows - and it turned out to be the seatbelt socket thing. Replaced under warranty. 

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