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eBay aftermarket Bluetooth kit

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Thought I would share this as it may interest some other members if they have not seen it or been tempted to give one a try.


I picked up a cheap Bluetooth kit for my Cayman on eBay for £118 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bluetooth-USB-Adapter-For-Porsche-911-Boxster-Cayman-Cayenne-PCM-2-0-2-1-Car-Kit/222630117615?_trksid=p2485497.m4902.l9144


Got round to fitting it this morning and I am pretty impressed for the money. Bluetooth streaming and half decent phone integration was on the top of my list but I wanted to keep the car standard. I know the oem sat nav unit is old but I am not a fan of the look of aftermarket units fitted to the car. The kit works well on both counts so I am very pleased. Installation is simple enough just a bit of a fiddle getting the head unit out and sorting the fibre optic loop but nothing you can’t do on the drive with some basic tools.


For the money I think this kit is a bargain it’s a lot cheaper than others I looked at and does everything I wanted. I was very sceptical of it for the price but glad I took a chance on one.

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Hi Barry I got my local Porsche specialist to enable CDC before I purchased the kit as my car does not have an auto changer just nav and phone on the pcm 2.1. They just did it for me whilst doing a couple of other jobs on the car. 

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