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Broken Coil Spring

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Whilst replacing my ARB bushes today I noticed I had a broken Spring which would explain the clonking ive been having recently. Has anyone got any ideas where I can get a pair of replacement springs at a reasonable cost. The car has PASM which makes finding standard springs a nightmare to source. Not interested in lowering the car so just looking for standard replacements


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This happened to me last year.  I got the springs from my local OPC for around £183 including TIPEC discount.  I also replaced the top mounts and bearings and bump stops.  I got the top mounts and bearings from Carparts4less and bump stops from OPC.  The top mounts, bearings and bump stops were around £160.


My car has PASM too, which makes it a bit more difficult to disassemble the struts due to the PASM cable.  You'll need a 21mm ring spanner or injector socket with side cutaway to clear the cable when removing the top nut, plus a peg spanner (easy enough to fabricate) to hold the top washer which is keyed to the damper rod when undoing the nut.


I didn't need spring compressors as you can compress the spring sufficiently by hand to get the top nut on/off.


On one side, the damper rod was seized into the top mount.  I used a steel tube that fitted over the top nut flats but sat on the integral washer on the nut, with the PASM cable pushed safely inside the tube, then tapped the end of the tube with a hammer while holding the top mount in a workmate bench, to separate them. With the cable coming out of the damper rod, you can't hammer it directly.


I also had difficulty getting one of the drop link bolts out of the strut.  A heat gun and copper mallet did the trick, after disconnecting the track rod end to allow the strut to rotate sufficiently to get  a good clear swing with the mallet. 

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I've got the car booked in at the local OPC to do the work next week. £507 supplied and fitted (both sides) and has a 2 year warranty. By the time I had bought the tools i needed and spent a weekend grazing my knuckles and swearing a lot it makes financial sense :)

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Had my fronts done the other week.

was driving off the estate on my way to work and heard a clunk and thought I’d ran over something.

A quick check in my rear view and saw something lying in the road.

Drove back around the estate and found an exact piece of coil spring just like the attached photo. Popped to a friends garage who confirmed it was my front offside spring. Booked it into my local Indy who replaced both fronts together with !bump stops and front mounts for £550.

Rear ones are all good apparently although there’s a lot of creaking from the back end?


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