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Replacing 981 steering wheel with Macan/Cayenne?

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Hi all,


I'm in the market to purchase a 981 Cayman and whilst I've seen some nice ones with low mileage, perfect alloys and car colour combination, the normal multi-function steering wheel looks ugly imo. I'd love to get one with the sports style steering wheel with the flappy pedals but I was thinking the other day, if it's possible to retrofit a Macan/Cayenne steering wheel to a 981 Cayman. 


So off  I went to consult Google and it appears that some people in the US have tried this with success but the multi-function buttons don't all work. Then I searched deeper and apparently you can buy an adaptor that make the multi-function buttons work 100%. I prefer a steering wheel with flappy pedals with multi-function buttons all working as it's so convenient when I want to answer a call or change the music track.


I also found this Macan direct replacement steering wheel but unsure if this will retrofit onto a 981:


Just wondering has anyone took this upon themselves as a project?




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