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Cayman Double-Din Fitment


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Has anybody fitted an aftermarket double-din head unit to their 987? I’m so fed up with my original item now and would like more connectivity options etc.  Best adapters and harnesses to use etc? 


Im thinking the Pioneer look pretty good.  

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Sorry about the delay replying, but I only just spotted your post. 

When I did my Cayman and put in a Kenwood unit, the best solution started with a Connects2 fascia kit (CT23PO04 (2009 onwards or PO03 for the grey finish before 2009)). For the loom, I used a VW loom CT20VW02 which porovided everything except the switched live. In my case this then came from the fuse for the rear wiper (or similar). These days you can also add the Connects2 can-01.3 which gives the switched live plus more.

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I had a Pioneer MVH-1400NEX installed by a pro shop into my 2007 Cayman base.  I have no idea of the adapters and connectors. I bought my car used with a a different Pioneer unit installed bassackwards. I was afraid to rip into it since the previous aftermarket install was so screwed up. (the right side was sent to the sub woofer, the left was sent to both doors and the rears were not hooked up at all.) Regardless the new install of the Pioneer MVH-1400NEX is a dream come true. It sounds great, looks factory and ApplePlay is great! This particular model does NOT play CDs and is 100% touchscreen. A very clean look without any knobs of slots. 

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