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Cabin noise - Pressure "Booming"

Alun Rowe

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My Cayman 987S PDK seems to have a "booming" noice like aa pressure change upwards from 15mph.  It disappears under hard acceleration but cruising it's constant.  Like a sort of Sub Bass noise?  It's headache inducing after a long journey and I didn't have it all on my non-S PDK.


I found a few threads on it but wanted to discuss with a wider audience before trying things out form them... https://www.6speedonline.com/forums/boxster-cayman/284054-solution-cayman-cabin-buffeting-pressure-modulation-sonic-boom-problem.html


The car has 80,000 miles o it so I guess some bits might need refreshing...


Has anyone else experienced this?





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Found this link today so some more ideas to try...



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What diameter wheels and make of tyres do you have? On my previous 987.2 2.9 with 19” wheels I got that noise with Pirelli tyres but changing to Michelin PS2 made it a lot less noticeable. You could try dropping the tyre pressures by a couple of psi.


I don’t notice the noise at all on my 987.2 S PDK on 19” Michelin PS2s but it does have PASM which I run mostly in comfort mode.

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18” wheels.  The car had 19’s but I swapped them out as I didn’t like that type and the 18’s are cheaper to put rubber on :)


ill check the tyres later but iirc there are Pirelli on the back and Michelin on the front.  Something I need to sort soon...

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