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987.1 on track


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I'm taking my 987.1 to silverstone in a few weeks. I'm happy with the car, the engine is extremely healthy as are the mechanics in general. My only nagging doubt  is about the sump. There are posts on various forums claiming that if if I take my 987.1 on track the oil will slosh to one side, the engine will be starved of oil and then will explode and then I'll be killed to death in a ball of flames. Supposedly the only fix is a baffled sump. Actually If you believe the internet in general, 987 gen 1's are all ticking time bombs and the engines will fall to bits if you so much as look at them the wrong way (I know this not to be true!).


My car is completely standard and I'll be on standard road tyres. Is there really a need to fit a baffled sump? Surely if I just keep an eye on the engine oil level it will be fine? (not that I'll need to, it hasn't used a drop of oil yet).


Thanks in advance, Pete.

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By some miracle, my gen 1 CS romped around around Silverstone late last year, and by an act of providence, did not explode/I did not die. Miracles it appears can happen.


Silverstone is a long, wide track, thus not as many places to load up on "G's" compared to some smaller, twistier tracks that we know and love. The mod seems to be popular with those who are regularly into the higher speed twisty stuff.

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