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Newbie with petrol smell issue

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I'm still finding out things about my car and recently had a week in Devon and covered about 400 miles. when I stop the car and get out I'm aware of a faint petrol smell from around the front offside wheel arch. I take a daily inhaler so my sense of smell is not the best. I'm not aware of any drops on the ground. Is it simply the fumes from the tank filler breather. If so I 've never had that issue with other cars


Eddie E18CAY

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Hi Eddie,


The fuel tank is between the front wheels, so maybe have a look underneath for any leakage on the undertrays, can you smell it in the front boot?


Might be as simple as the fuel cap is worn, isn't sealing properly.


Princely sum of £10 - https://www.design911.co.uk/fu/prod13273/Porscge-911-Fuel-Tank-Cap-99620124103/


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