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I have recently bought Cayman Design Edition 1 and i love it! when new it came with a Porsche design edition CHRONOGRAPH brief case with sunglasses, pocket knife, pen, keyring, watch. I've been offered the case with everything except the watch. What should i offer or what do you think its worth? There was only 777 of these made so i guess quite rare. Thanks

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Hmmm...tricky; most of the value was in the watch, and the rest of it is likely "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" re how much it's worth to others. I doubt it's every going to appreciate as an asset, so if you really want it, go in with a low offer and take it from there ( PD sunglasses you can pick up for under £100 brand new as an example, Porsche Key Rings (standard), can be found for circa £15-18 etc)

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