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Modified Cayman’s


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Hi everyone! I’m new to the forum but not new to Cayman’s! I recently bought my dads 987 Cayman S off him (which was one of the first Cayman’s on the roads at the time!). He’s kept it it fantastic condition and it’s only done 30K mileage from new! 

As someone who’s been involved massively in the modified car scene over the years I keep spotting the odd modified Cayman on the roads and at car shows around the world - from big wings to wide body kits! Having had cars featured in Max Power / Fast Car magazines in the past, I’d really like to make my Cayman S stand out from the rest and make a start on customising my new project car.

Now I’ve done a bit of research on google, eBay and a few tuning sites, but can anyone direct me in the right direction? I’m especially looking for body kits (wide if possible or added fenders), GT4 style rear wings and aftermarket front and rear lights (LED ideally!) I’d also like to know if anyone has had any issues with fitting any modifications (ie sizing, warning lights issues, performance issues).


Cheers guys!



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Hi Tim and welcome. 

I've attached a couple of pictures of my project, as you can see one or two modifications, most mods are for performance rather than aesthetics. But I would recommend Getty Design in USA for all bodywork parts (wings, fenders, bumpers etc...) Mark is the contact and very helpful.

Also Joe Toth in Canada makes good Porsche parts. Again, he's a good person to talk to and offers group buys to save on shipping cost. 


I would avoid eBay like the plague, too many cheap replica parts that just don't have the quality of the originals. I did have a GT4 wing from Design 911 and it was OK, bit fiddly to fit, but not aerodynamically suited to the 987. 


Good luck!



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