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Front coolant assembly replacement

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Just thought I would pass on my experience of replacing my front coolant assembly on my 2007 2.7 Cayman.

There is a youtube link at the bottom of this piece with a small video for anyone who is interested.

I had a small leak on the lower pipe on the nearside of the car and had to top up my coolant every now and then.

So i decided it was time to replace the front coolant hoses.

I did this job over two days and what a experience it was !!

I had researched over several days how to go about replacing these coolant pipes.

I soon learnt that it would be better to replace the entire front coolant assembly.

Purchased the parts through Eurospares in Essex (who where first class)

and were delivered quite quickly within these trying times.

So the first part of the job was to drain the coolant and then set about dismantling the bits to remove the front subframe.

Again having watched several videos on this procedure it was quite straight forward.

As you can see on the video once the subframe was on the ground it was much easier to apply the new parts.

I had read that someone had replaced the coolant assembly without dropping the subframe so well done that person but it was so much easier with the frame down.

One of the hardest parts was the removal of the old coolant pipes from the coolant hose connecting piece.

The old pipe fitting were rusted in there and I did not want to damage that part.It took me almost 2 hours to remove the offside hoses but the nearside ones only 10 minutes.

As you can see on the video the old fittings were in a really bad way.Just how much longer they would have lasted I have no ideal.

The reassembly of the subframe was straight forward and the refill of the coolant was good.

Had the four wheel alignment carried out and now back on the road.

I understand Porsche using this type of fitting for ease of assembly but it is defiantly a weak spot on what is otherwise a great car.

So to round up this job is quite doable in the right working environment e.g. you have access to a ramp !!



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