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Hi from sunny Wales


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Hi all, 

Thanks for the add.

I’m not yet a Porsche owner unfortunately, joined to research various models as I save up.

I have to admit I’d always fancied a Boxster and still haven’t ruled one out but I love the look of the 981 Cayman so atm I’m 60/40 in favour of the Cayman.

I have not driven either car yet so would be interested to hear from  anyone who’s had both and their experiences.

Budget wise I’d be looking at a 2.7 Cayman I think, although if the 3.4 is far superior I’d just hold out until funds allowed.

With regards to the Boxster I like both gen 2 987’s & 981s so more to choose from here.

Its gonna be a daily driver and will go to Europe at least once a year too and I plan on long term ownership hence the research.

With this in mind are there any horror stories with PDK? Without having tried it I would naturally go for a manual but there are an awful lot of PDK models out there.
Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated.



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Hi and welcome,


I think the PDK is better on the 981, it was revised by then, but as always look for the service records are up to date.


The manual is best for driver involvement and if you ever track the car, but PDK is good also, especially for the traffic jams.


2 good Porsche specialists around Cardiff I've heard off so no need to pay dealer prices for servicing.


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